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Philips Hue's promised 3.0 app update brings new UI, 30 new scenes, and shortcuts [APK Download]

Philips announced an update to its Hue smart lights app at this year's CES and ever since, users have been patiently waiting for the new version to drop and bring all the promised improvements. That day is finally here as v3.0 of the Hue app is rolling to users on the Play Store.

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Honeywell replaces the Lyric app with Home, introduces paid Membership plans for its security cameras

Honeywell, a brand that's well known for its thermostats, also builds some smart and connected products. Previously, these were all controlled by the Honeywell Lyric app, but now that's being rebranded to Honeywell Home with plenty of under-the-hood and visual/functional changes. The company is also introducing new paid plans for its security cameras.

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Pocket now supports multi-window on Android 7.0 and above

Do you want to read your articles and do something else at the same time? Android technically lets you do this: it implemented multi-window support in Android 7.0, but apparently and for some reason, popular reading app Pocket hadn't added it yet. Now it's working.

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Fictional or not, Duolingo adds High Valyrian and Klingon to its Android app... and Czech too

Duolingo has updated its Android app to add three new languages: Czech, Klingon, and High Valyrian. All three were already supported on the web version of the service: High Valyrian launched in July of 2017, Czech eight months ago, and Klingon only this past March. But now they're accessible on mobile as well.

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Wear OS Phone app gets updated via the Play Store with Quick Replies [APK Download]

Over the recent months, we've seen Wear OS implement a blacker theme over many of its apps and interface elements. This has carried over to Google's own apps with Keep being the prime example and now another is joining the fold: the Phone app.

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Nest app now lets you manage three different homes


AutoVoice 3.5 lets you create your own custom Assistant actions and even replace Google's

Joaomgcd's AutoVoice app is one of the most powerful tools you can try on Android for customizing your Google Assistant commands, especially when used in conjunction with Tasker (which he recently acquired as well). Most recently, the app added Google Assistant integration with v3.0, and now v3.5 is kicking that up a notch by letting you customize what you can ask Assistant and what it answers back.

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Kindle app gets pull to refresh, Audible filter, and book returns

The Kindle app for Android has received an update with a couple of useful new features inside. In version, which began rolling out a few days ago and seems to have now reached everyone, Amazon's ebook reading app will let you pull to refresh your library, easily see your Audible audiobooks, and return a book you had leased.

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WhatsApp beta 2.18.132 is rolling out group settings and restrictions for admins

Up until now, WhatsApp groups hadn't given admins full control over what's happening inside them. Only they could invite and remove members, or promote others to admin status, but they couldn't restrict the option to edit the group's icon, description, and subject (name). Any member, admin or not, was able to change those, which probably resulted in unfortunate circumstances where troublesome or even malicious members messed up with a group's information.

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Deezer launches its Shazam-like song recognition SongCatcher for all Android users

Deezer has been testing SongCatcher, its in-app music recognition tool for several months, and now it's ready to launch it for all Android users. Later today, starting 3pm CET (in about 3 hours at the time of writing), the functionality should be live for everyone using the Android Deezer app.

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