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YouTube version 11.29 returns the 'X' close button in the background notification

We've taken a look at the APK for the latest version of YouTube, 11.29, and there's some mildly interesting bits under the hood, but not much that's user-facing. There's one exception: the little "X" button to close the notification has returned. See it up there? It's back. Hooray!


Last time, on Minute Video Player User Interface Adjustments...

Of course you only get the notification if you're 1) subscribed to the YouTube Red premium service and 2) have background play enabled in the app's settings menu. The button inexplicably disappeared from the notification after an update late last month. Now it's back.

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Pokémon GO update 0.31.0 fixes the 'footprints' tracker by removing it, adds avatar adjustment and other tweaks [APK Download]

A couple of weeks ago, when the "three footprints" monster tracking system in Pokémon GO suddenly stopped working and showed three steps for everything, I decided to stop playing the game until Niantic fixed the issue so I could reliably find Pokémon nearby. I guess the joke's on me.

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Runkeeper 7.0 adds running groups to challenge and motivate your friends

One of the best ways to stay motivated to exercise is by enlisting friends and doing it in groups. I can't tell you how often I've gotten off my chair and walked around frantically to beat someone at a Fitbit challenge, which amounts to added activity that I would have never done otherwise. Now this friendly competition aspect is making it into the Runkeeper app.

Version 7.0 of Runkeeper is adding the option to create running groups. You can choose whether you want to challenge each other on weekly or monthly distance or weekly run frequency, then pick the duration of the challenge, invite some of your Runkeeper buddies, and assign a fun name to the group.

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Prisma's first update adds the much needed Save button

Photo editor app Prisma has been a surprising hit on Android ever since people got wind of the limited beta test and grabbed the leaked APK, then lamented the shut down of the servers when the developers decided the beta test was over, and up until its official release a day or two ago. Even now, the servers often continue to be overloaded with plenty of requests to apply filters on top of images from everyone wanting to give this artsy app a try. Actually, part of the reason Prisma is so good is that its filters aren't simple layers and adjustments, instead there's lots of processing going on to get the result, which is why the app relies on its servers and why it has been overloaded.

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Bank of America revamps interface in version 7, adds Spanish language, FICO Score, and credit card rewards

Bank of America's Android app has been stuck on the same look since 2014 when version 5.0 added a hint of Material Design and saved the interface from its Froyo days. With this new version 7.0, the app gets a major facelift with plenty of new features.

The new redesign and side-menu are getting mixed reviews on the Play Store: some users are raving about how easy it is to use and others are complaining about how unintuitive it's become and how some areas require a lot more steps to get to. I can't verify that by myself since I'm not a BofA customer, so I'll let you praise it or vent about it in the comments.

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Google Arts & Culture app gets a dramatic overhaul with Cardboard support

Hey, remember that Google Arts & Culture tool that the company talked about for exactly one day? No? Well now it's back. The hub for all things historically and artistically relevant has been given a fresh coat of paint, so to speak. Both the web portal and the app (which was previously little more than a web wrapper anyway) have been overhauled with a new interface, including a more contextual search bar that allows users to hunt for specific articles or pieces. Check out the difference in the app below:

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Roboform Password Manager adds fingerprint authentication


Snapchat adds Memories: an easier way for you to find your best snaps and stories

Snapchat is where I personally drew the line on "I'm too old for this shit" and decided not to bother, but I still get the appeal of the ephemeral shares and I applaud the company for capturing such a dedicated userbase in a relatively short amount of time, despite the large competition in the social network space. But let's put my own thoughts about Snapchat aside and talk about the latest update to the app.

Rolling to Android and iOS is a new Memories feature that lets you easily access a history of your previous snaps and stories. It's accessible from a swipe up on the camera screen and can be searched with keywords to narrow down the results to the item you're looking for.

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FolderSync 2.9 update adds fingerprint sensor support and Marshmallow runtime permissions

FolderSync is a super powerful Android tool that has been around the block for several years and has been growing stronger with each update. Its main job is to synchronize folders between your phone and different cloud storage providers like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, and more.

The most recent update to the app to version 2.9.0 added a couple of features that keep it updated with the latest Marshmallow APIs. If you're using a pin code to lock unwanted users from accessing the app, you can now unlock faster using the fingerprint sensor on your phone. And when you first install the app on a new device, you'll be able to grant granular access to different permissions thanks to Marshmallow's runtime permissions.

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Synology DS Audio app updated with Android Auto support

Slowly but surely, the wider Android community is adopting support for Android Auto. Well, maybe support is too strong a word. They definitely don't object to it. And most of them have probably heard about it. They've certainly skimmed over a bit of text mentioning Android Auto in the latest SDK. Maybe. Alright, so Android Auto support isn't quite as robust as it might be, but Synology's NAS music app works with it now! That's nice.

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