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Roku updates Android app with support for Roku OS 8 and its antenna TV features

Earlier this week, Roku announced a refresh to its line-up of streaming sticks and boxes, including a brand new Roku OS 8 that would come to the old and new hardware alike. You can read more about Roku OS 8 at the link above, or here on Roku's site, but the gist is that voice searches and controls are improved, antenna TV listings for broadcast channels are included in search results if you have an HDTV antenna connected to your Roku, and private listening (TV speakers off, uses your phone or the 3.5mm jack on your Roku remote) works for antenna TV too and not just streaming.

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WhatsApp introduces its own emoji set in the latest Android beta v2.17.364

WhatsApp has always used iOS' emoji designs and fonts in all of its apps. Whether you're on iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Symbian, or desktop, you would see the same emojis independent of your device's built-in emojis. That created a unified approach to avoid any confusing moments like, "you sent me a gun!" and "I said it was a water gun!" However, it looks like WhatsApp is now breaking the shackles of its iOS emojis... somewhat.

In the latest Android beta v2.17.364, WhatsApp introduced a new set of emojis that are its very own. They look like iOS and Android Oreo emojis had a baby and from every comment we received, no one is enthused about them.

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Android Messages updated again, reinstating the FAB and potentially fixing the notification bug [APK Download]

Google's stock SMS app for Android should be an undramatic affair, but it's been in the news more than you might expect recently. This is largely due to a bug that has been preventing notifications for many people, and that's a pretty big problem for a messaging app. The decision to remove the FAB (floating action button) in the last update has been controversial, too. In the latest update, it seems everything is back to "normal."

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tinyCam Monitor PRO updated to v9 and on sale, adds new IFTTT webhooks, Android O changes including PiP, and more

Yesterday the network camera management app tinyCam Monitor PRO was updated to v9, bringing a ton of new features like MP4 recording to FTP servers, 'Webhooks on motion' for motion-detecting automation, and additional support for features in Android 8.0 Oreo such as adaptive icons and PiP, among a tremendous list of changes. To celebrate the occasion, it's even on sale for 50% off at just $1.99. 

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[Update: Live in beta for everyone] WhatsApp is testing colorful text status updates similar to Facebook's

You know how all of a sudden your Facebook feed started filling up with status updates that had colorful backgrounds? That might soon start happening on WhatsApp. The feature, which started rolling out to Facebook's Android users late last year then spread to other platforms a couple of months ago, is now being tested in WhatsApp's new status screen. Perhaps WhatsApp hopes it will convince people to start using those new statuses more - 99% of my friends don't bother with them and I've heard the same from lots of people.

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[Update: Now on Google Play] Android O feature spotlight: The Google Clock app gets a makeover in v5.1

With each new version of Android, Google tends to make small tweaks to some of its default apps. Such changes are often nothing more than superficial, a way of giving the new OS release a fresh feel. We're now on the third Android O Developer Preview, and the official clock app has been treated to a visual refresh, its first meaningful update since February.

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Google Keep 3.4.803 gets undo and redo controls [APK Download]

For the past year, every note I've had to make with my husband and every list we've had to write has been saved in Google Keep. The app is easy to use and powerful enough to take care of all of our organization needs, but the feature that we have missed in our daily use is an undo/redo functionality. It's a pretty basic one and the first time we looked for it and realized it wasn't there, we were quite dumbfounded. The convenience of not having to manually undo/redo something is very important, but it's even more crucial when you inadvertently delete something you shouldn't have.

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Google Play Store v8 brings in-line changelogs to the update screen [APK Download]

It would appear that there is an update rolling out for the Google Play Store, bringing things up to v8. We aren't sure about all the new features in this version yet, but there is at least one significant change. Now you can view changelogs for app updates directly from the update overview screen. So instead of having to go into each individual app to see what might be new, now it's just a single tap on an arrow to expand the item and read the details. 

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Enpass password manager adds Android O's Autofill in latest beta

One of the features that I'm most excited about in Android O is the official Autofill API support. Thanks to it, password manager apps wouldn't need to work as overlays or stay as constant notifications and they wouldn't require you use their keyboard or browser to simplify login details input in different apps. Instead, you choose whichever third-party app you use as your Autofill provider and Android will call it up each time it sees a username and password field, allowing for more seamless input.

1Password and LastPass both already showed us how the functionality would work in their apps, and it was only a matter of time until either of them or some other app implemented the feature in a beta run.

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DIRECTV apps updated to include purchases, downloads, and easy access to your entire collection [APK Download]

DIRECTV has just pushed a considerable update to its companion apps, bringing them up to version 5. The update is available for both of the practically identical phone and tablet apps and includes the ability to buy movies or TV shows, download purchases to your device for when you're not online, and easily access your collection of content.

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