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Google Calendar 5.8.18 finally lets you copy and duplicate (but not move) events [APK Download]

We don't use the word "finally" in titles gratuitously on Android Police, but this instance warrants it. For years and years, we've heard the same complaint when covering Google Calendar: you can't change an event's calendar on the Android app. You need to use the web app or if you're bound to your phone, you have to delete the event from one calendar and manually create another in the second one. The update to version 5.8.18 of Calendar solves this issue by adding two new options: copy and duplicate. Sadly, moving an event from one calendar to another still seems to elude the team...

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Google app update fixes laggy Android Wear behavior when Ok Google detection is enabled

Back in December, we made a surprising discovery: if you had Ok Google detection enabled on your Android Wear watch, it could cause a lot of lag and jittery behavior all the time. Disabling the setting completely turned the behavior around and made it so that the watch was smooth and stutter-free. I recorded a video back then to show the night and day difference and many of you chimed in reporting that disabling the detection had the same beneficial effects on your watch as well.

Finally, it looks like this bug has been fixed now. As shared on the Google Issue Tracker, the issue has been resolved since the Google app version 7.18.50.

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WhatsApp adds notification channels on Android Oreo 8.0 so you can now choose what to do with each notification type

Android 8.0 Oreo introduced one cool feature for app notifications: channels. Since not all notifications are created equal, even if they come from the same app, this would allow you to choose how different types of notifications appear, sound, and vibrate, or not, on your phone. However, that created one big issue: Google didn't have a fallback in place for apps that don't get updated to support the channels, which means that you couldn't assign importance to any notification coming from the app. That, as you can imagine, was very annoying with apps like WhatsApp where you couldn't disable the permanent WhatsApp Web running notification without disabling all of the app's notifications, for example.

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Bank of America app update lets you schedule appointments with bankers and open a new checking account

Banking apps are often the slowest to implement new features and stay with the times, but the Bank of America app is usually a lot better at it than others. Now the app has been updated to add a couple of neat features.

First is the ability to schedule appointments with your banker, which I honestly wish my bank offered as I always have to wait an hour to get something done. Second is a neat feature to open a new checking account (I didn't know you could do that in the US without a ton of paperwork and 10000 signatures, neat!).

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VSCO rolls out Messages, because every image sharing platform needs a built-in messenger

It's like there's a recipe for image sharing social networks: 1) launch the service with some hook to make it special against the thousands of other competitors, 2) wait until there are enough users and add a messenger so people can talk to each other without ever leaving your app, 3) launch a Snapchat-like auto-destruct feature, 4) separate all three features into their own standalone apps. VSCO has graduated from step 1 to step 2.

Yup, VSCO is rolling out Messages, so you can talk to all those VSCOers out there and not feel alone in your VSCO world. It's described as "a new way to connect, share inspiration, and learn from other creators in the VSCO community," which sounds inspiring, but all it is is an easy way to share photos, journals, other profiles, and DSCOs (animated images) with others.

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Instagram makes your Stories last forever with Archives and Highlights

There's a point in every person's life when they give up on trying to be the cool kid and surrender to their fate of scoffing, "kids, nowadays!" at every opportunity. I reached mine a couple of years ago when Snapchat became a thing, Twitter started being about politics and news more than fun conversations, and everyone (and their mom, dad, kids, and grandparents) was on Facebook. Now I just sigh and roll my eyes each time I see people putting more of the silliest parts of their lives online, which, as I type it, sounds quite hypocritical given this very paragraph.

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[Update: Details on lock codes] SmartThings app adds Scenes, fingerprint authentication, visitor lock codes, and more

One of the most requested features in the SmartThings app has been scene support. I'm new to the system, so I'm sure there were some enterprising solutions to the lack of scenes, but there wasn't any native and easy way to do it. That changes with the latest update to version 2.10 of the SmartThings app.

Scenes reside inside the My Home tab, next to Things and Rooms, and allow you to change multiple lights, switches, and devices to different presets to suit a certain mood. So if you're working, you can have the lights go all the way up but if you're watching a movie, they can be dimmed down.

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Amazon Music app adds Chromecast support

Amazon and Google's relationship over the past few years has been nothing short of an epic love-war popcorn-worthy chess battle. Amazon removes Chromecasts from its store, Google disables YouTube on Echo Shows, Amazon removes the Prime Video app from the Play Store then for some reason returns it. Now in one surprisingly nice move, Amazon has added Chromecast support to its Music app, maybe finally realizing that locking users out of certain functions or devices doesn't do it any good.

The Chromecast integration has been showing up for a couple of weeks inside the Amazon Music app: TechHive reported it at the start of the month, but at the time it was only showing for some devices.

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Pocket Casts updated with adaptive icons, Picture-in-picture, notification channels, and more

Pocket Casts, one of our favorite podcasting apps on Android and my personal go-to for the last four years, has received a nice update to version 6.4 with a bunch of Android Oreo 8.0 features and plenty of fixes.

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Nest updates its app to support the just-released Nest Secure alarm system

Nest announced its Secure alarm system in September, but the starter pack just became available for purchase today. And to go with that, Nest has updated its app to support the features of the Secure.

You can now add your Nest Secure to the app and control everything about it. The dashboard-like screen lets you quickly arm and disarm, with the option to get reminders if you go away and forget to turn on the system. Now that's one neat feature of "smart" alarms that you won't find in the traditional systems. You obviously get push notifications when the alarm goes off, but you can also check the state of all your door/window and motion sensors, set schedules for your system, see a history of all the events, and invite momentary guests with visiting hours.

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