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Google Duo revives screen sharing after killing it two years ago

Google Duo might be on the way out in the long-term, but right now, the developers keep adding feature after feature, with new stickers always flying in and Android TV support in the works. But one capability went MIA shortly after its initial release back in 2018: Screen sharing. After two years of absence, Google has re-announced it on Twitter, though it has yet to roll out to anyone using the service.

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The OnePlus Notes app comes to the Play Store with Oxygen OS 11 design (APK download)

OnePlus is preparing a novel take on its UI for Oxygen OS 11, and its first redesigned apps are already available for everyone to check out on the stable version of Android. The running theme of the overhauled applications is reachability, with OneUI-like big titles and gaps stretching to the top of the screen. That's no different for the new Notes app version 4.0, which has just celebrated its Early Access debut on the Play Store.

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Nova Launcher beta adds Android 11's quirky flower, pebble, and vessel icon shapes (APK Download)

Nova Launcher continues to be one of the fastest third-party app launchers to get inspiration from the latest Pixel changes. That trend continues with a fresh batch of new icon shapes, some of them lifted from the Android 11 developer previews and subsequent beta.

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Nest x Yale and August locks can now be controlled from the Google Home app

Last week, an update to the Google Home app started rolling out with a bunch of new features in tow. Chief among them is the new dark theme, a new security camera feed, and improved controls for Android 11's power menu integration. More changes have popped up now, though these are governed by a server-side switch and are thus slowly appearing for users.

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Samsung SmartThings update adds UWB device tracking, Zigbee QR scanner, and more

SmartThings is the app you use to take control of all your Samsung IoT devices, as the company aims to consolidate its other apps into one. Following all the big announcements it made at the recent Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung is now updating the SmartThings app with a bunch of features, including one that leverages the Note20 Ultra’s UWB (ultra-wideband) support.

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Google Home app v2.27 finally gets a dark mode, camera feed, expanded Android 11 power menu controls (APK download)

It's been more than a year since Google's various apps started getting a dark theme to fit with Android 10's system-wide mode picker. Some were prompt to adopt it (Contacts, Messages, Phone, Photos), others took a bit more time (Gmail, Search), and a few were very slow to jump on the bandwagon (Drive, Translate, Chat). Slower than all of these combined are Maps and Home, and today, the latter finally made the leap to the dark side.

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Google Camera 7.5 no longer saves portrait photo pairs in standalone folders

If you ever owned a Pixel capable of taking portrait photos and you ventured into its storage to back up or move your images, you must have noticed the silly mess of portrait folders. For some reason, each pair got its own separate folder, complicating the use of third-party gallery apps or back up solutions. Thankfully, with Camera 7.5, this issue is no more.

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Telegram users can finally make video calls starting with v7.0

It's been more than four years since Telegram added support for voice calls, and in the time since, everyone has been asking, "What about videos?" The feature's absence has been even more annoying in recent months, given quarantine measures and people's need to stay in touch with friends and family. The wait is finally over, as Telegram just rolled out an experimental alpha release of video calls with Android app version 7.

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OnePlus Gallery adds 4K 60fps video editing, fixes missing slow-motion editing (APK download)

About a week ago, OnePlus broke the ability to edit slow-motion videos in its Gallery. The latest app update, which is now rolling out on the Play Store, fixes that. It also adds 4K 60fps video editing, which was so far impossible to do in the native app. There's also casting support, supposedly.

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