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Google's Find My Device can now map out exactly where you left your phone inside some buildings

Find My Device is a lifesaver feature for the absentminded among us. Even if you've just left your phone in the couch cushions, you can use the feature to ring it. Now, the service has picked up a new feature that can help in more dire circumstances: it can now show where your phone is on an indoor map of some large buildings, like malls and airports.

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Samsung Internet Beta v7.2 watches for dangerous sites, delivers performance and interface tweaks [APK Download]

With the Galaxy S9 getting ready to populate carrier shelves, a new generation of users are about to be exposed to Samsung's suite of Android apps. Fear and loathing may be our go-to emotions when encountering most pre-installed bloat, but Samsung's collection of software is actually not that objectionable, as we noted when reviewing the Galaxy S9. Maybe the crown jewel there is the Samsung Internet browser, and today we're learning about the newest safety and performance features to hit the development branch of this app, with the release of Samsung Internet 7.2 Beta.

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You Can Now Sign Up For Facebook Messenger Without A Facebook Account

Facebook would really appreciate it if you would help them take over the world. You know, if you're not too busy or anything. To that end, they've decided to make Facebook Messenger (recently graduated from a simple social network feature to a quasi-platform) truly stand on its own. So now you can use Facebook Messenger even if you're not one of the billion or so people with a Facebook account - or even if you are, and you don't want to associate your account with your messages.


Facebook made the announcement in its official Newsroom blog, encouraging new users to simply use their phone numbers to create a Messenger profile.

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Steam App Updated To v2.0 With Semi-Material UI, Battery Use Fixes, And More [APK Download]

The Steam app for Android has been rocking the same ancient UI since it launched years ago, but that changes today. The app has jumped from v1.1 all the way to 2.0 and it comes with a revamped UI. It's being called "material," but I don't know if I'd go that far. It's still a vast improvement over the old app.

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Instagram App Updated To v6.10 With New Explore Section And Caption Editing

If you want to take square snapshots and apply (sometimes) garish filters to them, there is only one choice—Instagram. The Intsagram app for Android is getting an update today to v6.10 with a few smallish feature additions. Well, heavy users of Instagram will think they're pretty great.


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