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Google Play Newsstand v4.2 incorporates app shortcuts [APK Download]

Since the official launch of App Shortcuts, most of Google's popular apps have been updated to include at least one or two convenient ways to jump to your preferred screens. Play Newsstand was just added to the list with a few shortcuts of its own. There are four new shortcuts including: For You, Library Digest, Magazines, and Read Later. This mostly matches the pages accessible through the bottom nav bar added in v4.0, but trades out the Explore tab for Magazines.

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Gmail v7.2 adds your accounts to app shortcuts

A new version of Gmail started rolling out recently, but there were no obvious changes. However, Google just posted an updated changelog that reveals the addition of account links in the app shortcut menu. This could be really handy if you have multiple accounts.

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Shazam gets updated with app shortcuts for faster song recognition

Shazam is one of the oldest and most popular song recognition services. Although I personally have long since ditched it for the recognition software built into Google Search, it's still used by hundreds of millions of people each month (well, that's what Shazam says, anyway). The app's latest update adds the app shortcuts that Android Nougat brought support for.

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eBay update adds app shortcuts for quick navigation

eBay is a service with a huge amount of different options and things to do - search, buy, sell, add to watch list, message a seller, etc - so the new update, adding app shortcuts, is very useful indeed.

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[Android 7.1 Tip] Get rid of the Play Store on your home screen and use the 'My Apps' shortcut instead

Odds are you have the Play Store on your home screen for easy accessibility, but have you ever considered not having it? I don't mean you should dig into the app drawer every time you need to open the store, but perhaps the regular Play Store link isn't the most efficient. If you're on Android 7.1, maybe you ought to replace it with the My Apps shortcut.

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YouTube v11.45 resumes work on quick seeking and live broadcasting from mobile [APK Teardown + Download]

YouTube v11.45 began its rollout to users yesterday. There aren't any obvious changes within the app, but there are a few things to see outside of it if you're running on a device that sees either round launcher icons or app shortcuts. But that's not all there is to check out. A teardown of the APK lends some new details about a couple of previously discussed features coming to YouTube in the future.

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Twitter's stable release implements app shortcuts, multi-window, and rounded icons on Android Nougat

A couple of weeks ago, Twitter updated its alpha release version to add several of Android Nougat's features. Now these options have made it onto the stable release version of the app, so you no longer need to live on the bleeding edge to benefit from them.

Version 6.22 of Twitter is the one that brings it all. There are Android 7.1's launcher shortcuts, which you can access if you're using the Pixel, Nova, or Action Launcher, as well as a rounded icon that will likely only be visible if you have a Pixel or if you're running a launcher that supports them.

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Hangouts v14 adds app shortcuts for 7.1 Nougat, changes setup steps for group chat, and reorganizes several chat settings [APK Download]

Earlier this year Google's VP of Communications, Nick Fox, declared Hangouts would be refocused on the enterprise market where it had found much more adoption. Ironically, the couple of updates since that statement haven't exactly screamed professionalism, or even added much of anything particularly relevant to the workplace. That changes with v14, which cleans up and improves various aspects of group chats. This version also enables app shortcuts (formerly Launcher Shortcuts) for use on Android 7.1 and makes a few other tweaks, as well.

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Twitter's latest alpha brings support for app shortcuts, Nougat multi-window, and a round icon [APK Download]

Android 7.1 launched with the new Pixel phones and became available in beta form for the Nexus 5X and 6P not too long ago, but many apps are already introducing support for the new features that 7.1 brings. With its newest alpha build, Twitter has become the latest app to do so by adding support for app shortcuts and a round app icon. This build also enables multi-window for devices running 7.0 Nougat+.

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Evernote implements Android 7.1's launcher app shortcuts

Ever since it constrained its free plans, Evernote hasn't been the same darling of note takers that it was before. Some people were driven off to other apps, but for those that decided to stick around, there are interesting goodies lurking in the latest update to v7.9.6.

The app has been quick to implement one of Android 7.1's new highlight features: app shortcuts (previously known as launcher shortcuts). If you tap and hold on the Evernote icon on the homescreen of a supported launcher on a device running Android 7.1, you'll get 4 different shortcuts you can immediately launch: search, new text note, new audio note, and new camera note.

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