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[Deal Alert] Monday is here with 19 temporarily free and 6 on-sale apps

Well, it's the start of a new week, but I think this one is more special than most. Google I/O kicks off on Wednesday, and I am sure that there will be plenty of exciting news. To tide you over until then, I've got the first round of app sales for the week.

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[Deal Alert] Finish off the week with 20 temporarily free and 4 on-sale apps

Another week has come and gone. For some, it's graduation time, while most of us simply trudge on with our lives. But, today is Friday and that means it's time for the final round of app sales! Remember to go back to check Wednesday's post to see what apps are still free or on-sale.

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[Deal Alert] Here are 8 temporarily free and 1 on-sale apps, plus the 0.10 game of the week

Half of the week is almost gone and we're back with some more app sales. Today's list is rather short, so be sure to go back and look at Monday's post if you haven't already. We also have the partner to the 0.10 app that appeared at the beginning of this week.

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[Deal Alert] Here are 15 temporarily free and 8 on-sale apps, plus the first 0.10 weekly deal

Monday has rolled around once again and that means it's time for some more free and on-sale apps! It's finals week for me, so some of the entries on our list today are helpful distractions because who needs to study? Anyway, be sure to check back on Friday's post to see if any of the apps there are still free.

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[Deal Alert] Here are 9 temporarily free and 7 on-sale apps, plus the 0.10 game of the week

Half of the week is gone (or mostly), which means it's time for yet another round of app sales. The list is much smaller today than it was Monday, and some of the apps from that post are still free or discounted so be sure to check it out.

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[Deal Alert] Start off this week with 24 temporarily free and 15 on-sale apps

The weekend (for most of us) is over and we're back again. Monday means the first round of free/on-sale apps for the week, so here are the ones that we've collected over the weekend. 

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[Deal Alert] Get your weekend started with 18 temporarily free and 23 on-sale apps

Friday is here and that means we all survived another week. For me, that means a weekend of homework and studying, but I hope not all of you share the same fate as I do. It being Friday also means it's time for another round of apps that are free or on sale!

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[Deal Alert] Here are 23 temporarily free, 2 cheap, and 18 on-sale apps for your Wednesday

Feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing the last one of these, but here we are halfway through the week. That means another round of apps that have gone free or on sale! Quite a few have popped up since then, though there is still a theme that centers around icon packs and games.

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[Deal Alert] 23 temporarily free, 2 cheap, and 5 on-sale apps for your Wednesday

Wednesday is here and it's time for some more app deals. The list today is, mercifully, shorter than Monday's — that was quite the doozy. And in case anyone is wondering, we designate "cheap" as $0.20 or less with "on-sale" being anything higher than that.

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[Deal Alert] Check out these free apps (and books) from the last few days

Here we are with another round of freebies in the Play Store. We've got a bunch of apps and games to check out, plus a trilogy, that will cost you nothing. So let's dive in, shall we?

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