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Here are 13 temporarily free and 13 on-sale apps to start the week

It's Monday again, which means that we're due for the first round of app sales for the week. November is already half over, and Thanksgiving is next week (here in the U.S.). Our list today is short, especially for a Monday, with a couple of good ones mixed in. And apologies for how late it is — better late than not at all, yes?

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End the week with 16 temporarily free and 16 on-sale apps

Happy Friday! The end of another week is upon us, coupled with whatever the weekend has in store for you. We have yet another short list today, which is okay in my book. Be sure to check out Wednesday's if you haven't already.

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Here are 17 temporarily free and 11 on-sale apps for your Wednesday

I think that there's just something about this week that has made it so that I have no idea what day it actually is. Luckily, Google was kind enough to remind me that it is, in fact, Wednesday, which means it's time for another list of app sales. We have a lot fewer today than we did on Monday, which may be good or bad, depending on how you look at it.

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Start the week with 27 temporarily free and 25 on-sale apps

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to the thrice-weekly app sales roundups. I took some time off from doing these to give myself a break, seeing as I was rapidly approaching serious burnout. Thank you to all of you who let me know how much you appreciate these and that you missed them — I'm sorry that you've been left in the dark for two weeks. All of that being said, we have quite the shoddy list to welcome us all back, and yet we trudge onward.

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Welcome the new week with 45 temporarily free and 54 on-sale apps

Welcome to the final full week of October. We're nearing the holiday season craziness, so let's enjoy the calm while we can, eh? Anyway, we have a huge list to get through today with only a few notable apps, mainly Forever Entertainment's catalogue.

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End the week with 34 temporarily free and 16 on-sale apps

The weekend is nigh upon us, which means that it's time for one more round of app sales. After Asmodee's sale on Wednesday, today's list feels a bit anticlimactic, but we trudge on nonetheless.

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Here are 26 temporarily free and 41 on-sale apps, plus the Game of the Week

It's the middle of yet another week, so I'm back once again with more app sales. Today's list includes a lot of swill from the likes of Maystarwerk and SaintBerlin. But to counter all of that, the Asmodee board games are on really good sales at the moment, so they're worth checking out.

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Get the week started with 27 temporarily free and 30 on-sale apps

Welcome to Monday, everybody. I hope that the beginning of the week is off to a good start for you all. It's time once again for an app sales post — there's some goodies mixed in today (marked with bold text).

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Finish off the week with 45 temporarily free and 42 on-sale apps, including Icewind Dale and both Baldur's Gate titles

October is already almost half-over, if you can believe that. The end of a week is always nice, so why not make it better with some app sales? I promise there are some good ones here today... very good ones. I'm sure you've guessed them by now, but let's get into this.

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Welcome the new week with 41 temporarily free and 31 on-sale apps

It's Monday once again, meaning that we're due for another app sales post. Today's list is quite the long 'un, so get ready. Despite the large selection, there was nothing I found that I could personally recommend, but who knows: you may find something that you enjoy. Have fun.

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