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It's Friday, so here are 30 temporarily free and 42 on-sale apps, plus the Daydream Summer Sale

We've hit the end of another week. Whether you have big plans for the weekend or not, I have another app sales post for you. Today's includes some goodies (in bold), a few oddballs, and all of the apps from Google's Daydream Summer Sale. Wednesday's list might still have some treasures to be found, so be sure to check it out.

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Here are 36 temporarily free and 24 on-sale apps for your Wednesday, plus both Apps of the Week

Wednesday has come again, meaning that the week is already half over. That also means it's time for another app sales post, which includes both Apps of the Week. For those of you who do not remember, these ten-cent sales almost always exclude the U.S. (even if the dev puts the app on a different sale here in the States). Keep that in mind as you're looking at both of them.

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Get the week started with 39 temporarily free and 25 on-sale apps

Here we are at the start of another week. It's cloudy and rainy here where I live, which means that it's a perfect time to get you all the first apps sales post. There are a few goodies in here that I find to be awesome, which will be bolded below.

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Head into the weekend with 26 temporarily free and 45 on-sale apps

It's finally Friday, which means it's time for the final app sales post for the week. It's pretty short today, but there are a few goodies here — most notably, doubleTwist Pro. Keep in mind that all the times listed below are accurate at time and country of writing. Things might be different where you are.

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It's Wednesday, so here are 31 temporarily free and 34 on-sale apps, plus the Game of the Week

Welcome to the first Wednesday of August; I hope that the month is off to a good start for all of you. I'm here again with another list of apps that are either free or on sale, though it's slim pickings for good ones despite the large number available to choose from. Vertumus had some icon packs for free earlier, but that sale expired before I got around to writing this up. And the ten-cent app, as usual, excludes the U.S. (despite it being on its own sale here).

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Here are 63 temporarily free and 35 on-sale apps for your Monday

Welcome to the final day of July — I hope that Monday is treating you all well. Once again, I'm here with another app sales post. It's a long 'un, but maybe there's something in here that you'll enjoy. I already picked up a few of the icon packs and one of the games here today, so it's not all bad.

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Head into the weekend with 20 temporarily free and 50 on-sale apps

Welcome to the final Friday for July. August is just around the corner, which means that a bunch of us will be heading back to school (I took the summer off for the first time since I started my degree). Today brings us a heftier list than usual, but there are some great nuggets here. I will bold them for your convenience. You're welcome.

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Kick off another week with 40 temporarily free and 42 on-sale apps

Welcome to the beginning of another week. July is winding down already, which is crazy to think about. To kick things off, I'm back after a busy weekend with the first app sales post for this week. It's fairly substantial, so get ready.

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Finish off the week with 37 temporarily free and 37 on-sale apps

The end of the week is upon us, finally. I have a busy weekend ahead of me, but I still took the time to compile this app sales post for you all. While I didn't find anything that I can, without a doubt, heartily recommend today, there are still a lot of apps, games, and icon packs (& customization) to look through. Be sure to head back to Wednesday's list, too.

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Here are 25 temporarily free and 25 on-sale apps, plus the first App of the Week

July is more than half done already, which is just crazy to think about. For some of us, that means the school semester will be starting soon. For others, life just continues. With it being Wednesday, I'm back again with more app sales, plus the first $0.10 App of the Week.

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