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Kick off the weekend with 23 temporarily free and 18 on-sale apps

Welcome to Friday! For some, the weekend has already begun, which is always exciting. I'm back with the final app sales post for the week, and it's about as exciting as Wednesday's. Still, someone may find something that they like. Anyway, let's get started.

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Here are 35 temporarily free and 26 on-sale apps for your Wednesday, plus both Apps of the Week

It's the middle of yet another week. It feels like I just wrote up Monday's app sales list, which means that some of my assignments are due sooner than I thought. As much as I'm sure all of you care, that's not the point here. Today's post involves a lot of... unpleasant themes from the likes of SaintBerlin and Maystarwerk, so prepare yourselves.

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Start off the week with 31 temporarily free and 25 on-sale apps

It's Monday again, which means that I'm back for the first app sales post of the week. Today's list should surprise no one, but I don't get to choose which apps go on sale and which do not. Still, someone might find an icon pack or game that appeals to them. In that case, more power to you.

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Head into the weekend with 29 temporarily free and 29 on-sale apps

We've reached the end of another week — I hope that your Friday has been great so far. This obviously means that it's time for the final apps sales post for the first full week of September. Before you go, be sure to go back to Wednesday's list. Without further ado, let's dive in.

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Here are 29 temporarily free and 27 on-sale apps for your Wednesday

Welcome back, everyone. I hope that you all enjoyed your three day weekend — if it was anything like mine, it was probably too short. Seeing as it's Wednesday, I figured I'd get another app sales post up for you all. Yes, I know it's a bit late, but I think you'll manage. As always, the times noted below are accurate at time of writing.

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Celebrate the holiday weekend with 39 temporarily free and 23 on-sale apps

Hello, everyone, and welcome to September. I know that some of you are itching for the Labor Day weekend that's ahead, so how about an app sales post to keep you entertained while you wait? In addition to the list we're about to get into, I want to call attention to Nvidia's sale on SHIELD games for the holiday. There are some really great titles on awesome sales right now, so go check out this post if you want to know more.

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Here are 36 temporarily free and 41 on-sale apps, plus the Game of the Week

It's already the middle of the week and the last app sales post for August. Today's list is more substantial than most that we see on Wednesdays, so prepare yourselves. And the first of the ten-cent apps has appeared, and it's a good 'un. Just remember that we in the U.S. are more often than not excluded from the $0.10 sale price — today is no exception.

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Start off the week with 18 temporarily free and 28 on-sale apps

Welcome to the final week of August! A holiday weekend is just around the corner for us in the U.S., which is awesome. We have a little ways yet to go, so let's pass the time with an app sales post. For a Monday, it's a very short list, so let's get started.

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End the week with 21 temporarily free and 31 on-sale apps

Once again, we've come to the end of another week. The month of August is almost over, if you can believe it. Since it's Friday, I'm back again with the final app sales post. It's a pretty short list today (which is why I'm doing this in class... sh, don't tell), so let's get right in.

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Here are 40 temporarily free and 47 on-sale apps, plus the first App of the Week

Welcome to the first app sales post of the week. Of course, today is not Monday, so I can understand your confusion. My classes started this week, so I got busy sorting everything out, but at least I'm back now. So here you are, a fresh list of apps.

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