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[Deal Alert] Death Road to Canada by Noodlecake Studios is down to just $0.99 ($9 off)

Breaking form a little bit here, we decided to pass this along to you, dear readers, before tomorrow's typical list of app sales. Noodlecake Studios, a very well-known developer liked by many, has put the game Death Road to Canada on sale. Normally, I'd just let this sit until tomorrow, but a dev of this renown putting one of its $9.99 games on sale for a measly $0.99? That's worthy of its own post.

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[Deal Alert] Deliciously creepy adventure game LIMBO on sale at Google Play for $0.99 ($4 off)


[Deal Alert] Twilight Pro unlock is down to $0.10 from $2.99 (not in U.S.)

We should all be familiar with the 10-cent deal alerts by now. It is a real luck of the draw to see if your home country is included in the sales.

Regardless, here is another app on sale: Twilight Pro.

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[Deal Alert] Nova Launcher Prime is 99¢ ($4 off) in the Play Store for a limited time

There was some stiff competition for alternative launchers in the early days of Android, but now thanks to tireless dedication and improvement from the developer, the excellent Nova Launcher stands at the top of the pile. Nova has been one of our favorite apps since it debuted way back in the Ice Cream Sandwich days, and while it's quite serviceable as a free app, the $4.99 upgrade to the Prime version is worth every penny. Luckily, you won't actually have to pay every penny today: it's on sale for 99 cents.

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[The Deal You're Looking For] Star Wars KOTOR $2.99 On The Play Store And Amazon, Down From $9.99 (70% Off)

One of the best games ever made by BioWare, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, landed on the Google Play store at the end of last year. The RPG is a complete and faithful port of the original KOTOR (its nickname among fans) which launched back in 2003 on PCs and consoles. As good as the game is, $10 may have seemed a little steep to some of you for a title that is over a decade old. Well, I've got some good news for you, you cheap Toydarians – dropped to $3, the price has. Hmmmm. (Sorry, I can't resist a Yoda impersonation when the opportunity presents itself).

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Friday App Sales: Real Boxing, EDGE, Perfect Shot, And More

It's Friday, so you know what that means: devs are knocking some dollar dollar bills off their normal app pricing in order to move more copies from the Store to your device. Also, I'd like to think they're being generous and trying to give everyone something to do over the weekend (or a good way to start killing time on a Friday).

We're looking at a fairly short list this week, with the most notable title being Real Boxing – a normally $5 title going for just a buck.

  • Real Boxing – $0.99 (80% off) Note: this one is on sale for today only!
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