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Popular TV Show Tracking App 'SeriesGuide' Booted From The Play Store

Feel free to change the channel if you've seen this one before, but the widely used SeriesGuide app has disappeared from Google Play. This piece of phone and tablet-friendly software is great for tracking which episodes and series you've watched and keeping up with new releases. Earlier today the developers sent out a tweet alerting users to the app's removal.

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[Update: It's Back] Popular Kodi/XBMC Remote 'Yatse' Gets Kicked Off The Play Store

Last year the XBMC project changed its name to Kodi, giving the media manager a much-needed fresh start considering how it has long since expanded past its original Xbox roots. Yatse is a popular remote app for use with the platform that recently got a spiffy material redesign.

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Spotimote Under Fire For Trademark Infringement From Spotify, Google Removes Ad-Free Version, Dev Renames Free App To Timote

Spotimote for Spotify. Does that sound like an app created by Spotify to you? Do you think it is Spotify? Well, Spotify's complaint thinks that you'll make that mistake. In reaction, the app's developer changed the name to just Spotimote. Also, look at this post's thumbnail; do you see that and feel like Spotify must have made that graphic? Again, that's what Spotify claims you'll think.

After months of silence between the developer of Spotimote and Spotify's legal team, Google suddenly removed the premium version from the app store.

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