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Uber overhauls its app, focuses on the destination

Celebrate, Uber riders! The ride-sharing service has announced that it is overhauling its aging app. Gone will be the overly complicated navigation (they said it, not me) — instead, the app will be cleaner, smoother, and faster. Uber even states that it will be rebuilt from the ground up. The redesign focuses on the question of "Where to?" Since we all use Uber to, you know, get somewhere.

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Ebay 5.0 Brings A Material Design Overhaul, Better Navigation, And Related Items [APK Download]

When eBay released its version 4.0 interface revamp back in September of last year, I was slightly disappointed. The app looked like a mishmash of design styles and ideas that didn't really belong on any platform but that were trying too hard to not offend anyone either on Android or iOS. It lacked life and felt clinical, with so much grey and white and nary another color. It also removed access to your personal lists, an omission that I still despise because I am very picky about organizing my items in differentiated and clear lists.

But now eBay is rethinking its mobile design altogether, introducing a new look with more colors, clearer layouts, and a lot of Material Design.

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Big Google Analytics 3.0 Update Brings A New Icon, Material Design, Report Sharing, More [APK Download]

It's not often that we witness a complete application overhaul from Google, so today is a special day. Granted, not everyone uses Google Analytics so the number of users who will benefit from and appreciate this update is small, but it's nothing to scoff at. Web admins, like our own Artem, are just going to love it.

The first immediate change you'll notice is an icon switch. The old icon wasn't bad really, but the new one is simpler and less square. It also has a lot more yellow and no dark orange / quasi-red.

google-analytics-icon-old google-analytics-icon-new

Old icon (left) vs new icon (right)

There are new onboarding screens that explain a couple of the new app's features like swiping through dimensions and sharing reports.

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