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Some Google Play app listings are incorrectly showing as beta versions

A new version started rolling out to the Play Store on the web last month and the reception has been decidedly mixed. Screenshots are now viewable in a lightbox, meaning they're larger, but scrolling can be slow and you can't use the arrows on your keyboard to cycle through them. Oh, and getting out of the lightbox did mean finding the tiny arrow in the top left rather than just clicking outside of the image, although that appears to have been fixed already.

While some of the UI changes may be frustrating, it seems there's another more functional bug with app listings.

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[Update: Removed] Broken LG Wallet/Pay app hits Play Store, is said to only work on nonexistent G7

Last year, LG made it clear that it intended to enter the mobile payments space, and in June it jumped in, releasing the service on its recent G6. At the time, it was called LG Pay. But just today, LG released—perhaps accidentally—a confusing new LG Wallet app to the Play store, and the app listing mentions the G7.

This app seems to have something of a split personality, with the listing and in-app header being named "LG Wallet," but with the app icon, boot animation, and a FAB in screenshots titled "LG Pay." Presumably, the two names are being used by LG interchangeably.

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Play Store listings showing original and sale prices for some apps

We cover a lot of app and game sales here on Android Police. We actually have a really complex system we use to find new sales and check the previous prices before presenting them to you (it's called "checking Appbrain"). But soon you might not need to take our word for it: one of our readers spotted a new visual element on the mobile version of the Play Store highlighting apps on sale directly to users. A similar feature has been in place for movies, TV shows, and books for some time.

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