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Google Search Android App Learns How To Stream Content From Other Apps

Google does things—a lot of things. For two years now, the company has been indexing the content inside of apps. This way it can point you to other Android apps when they can better provide answers to your query than a general website. Google says 40% of searches done on Android bring up app content.

But there remained two issues with this approach. One, Google could only display information from apps that had matching content available on the web. Two, opening results required installing said app if you hadn't done so already.

Now Google will begin showing content that exists only in apps, and it will start offering you the option to stream apps that you don't have installed.

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Google Search Results Now Show App Recommendations For Indexed Apps That Aren't On Your Device

I understand if you don't remember anything about app indexing. It's not a particularly sexy topic. Here's all you need to know for this post—developers who implement app indexing can have their apps show up when users perform relevant Google searches. Say, you're looking for a recipe, and you have an app installed that contains that recipe. Google will point you in that direction.

Before, this only worked with apps that you already had on your device. Now Google is expanding this feature to push you in the direction of non-installed apps as well. So if you search for something and an app that isn't on your phone can provide the answers you're looking for, your results will let you know.

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Google Rolls Out Previously Announced App Indexing Functionality, Improves App Discovery In Search Results

Back on the Nexus 5's launch day, Google announced an upcoming feature that would make it easier to open search results directly inside of relevant apps, rather than within a web browser. You'd be forgiven for missing this announcement, given everything else that was going on that day. This new functionality, known as app indexing, places an Open in app button next to search results that contains information better suited for perusing inside an app. The functionality's now rolling out to the Google Search app as well as mobile web browsers.


It's also now easier to find new apps as well.

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Google Announces App Indexing In Google Search, Will Begin Providing Deep Links To Apps Within Search Results

The Google Search app is already the quickest way to retrieve information on your Android device. With just a few words, users can search the web, open apps, and pull up directions. The problem is that some information opens up in a web browser that would be better suited for an app. If you already have the IMDb app installed, why should a search result shoot you out to the browser? Some links ask which app you want them to open in, but how can you tell which ones?

With app indexing, users will soon have more control over the experience.

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