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Unnotification 2.0 expands device compatibility, notification indexing, and more

Unnotification, the intelligent notification management app that lets you see previously closed notifications, has received an official 2.0 upgrade! Unlike the first iteration, this version supports devices running Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up. Alongside wider device compatibility, Unnotification 2.0 brings a handful of welcome additions.

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Google Play Store is rolling out new darker colors, question cards in reviews, and testing a few more changes

The Google Play Store has been undergoing a major redesign over the past months. We've seen it (slooooowly) don a whiter color in many of its pages and spotted a new UI for reviews, but several screens remained untouched. That's changing now, as new darker accent colors are rolling out for each section, question cards are popping up when you leave a review, and a few other modifications are being tested.

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