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[Update: Pulled] Latest Google app beta (v8.14.12) repeatedly crashing for many

Developer previews aren't always the most stable, and they aren't meant to be. They are the process by which a stable is created. Because of that, sometimes it's possible to run into a few issues when using them, and it appears many are seeing a repeated force close problem with the latest version of the Google app beta (v8.14.12).

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Android P will crash unresponsive apps instead of showing ANR dialogs

It's always a pain when an Android app triggers that "X Application isn't responding" dialog. The "Wait" option often doesn't work, making "Close app" the preferred choice for most users. To alleviate this, Google has simply taken that ANR dialog away from Android P. Instead, unresponsive apps will now automatically crash.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: New Force Close Pop-Up Has "Reset And Restart" And "Mute Until Device Restarts" Options

With Android N being just a preview release meant for developers and users who like to live on the bleeding edge like you and me, apps are likely to misbehave, processes will become unresponsive, and thus you are bound to see the Force Close pop-up much more often than you are used to on more stable Android releases.

However, as users get more and more of these pop-ups, the system seems to recognize responsible apps and offer more options than you are used to seeing in previous versions of Android. First, here are the usual force close options that you'll see on the first few instances of an application crashing.

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