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App Cloner has been removed from the Play Store for nebulous policy violations

Given the popularity of our previous coverage for the app, many of our readers are fans of App Cloner, which — as the name suggests — allows you to duplicate an installed app. That's especially useful when a given app only allows one account login at a time. Unfortunately for its many fans, App Cloner was just yanked from the Play Store after allegedly violating Google's policies, and the communication received by the developer from Google during the process stands as another example of the company's ongoing support failure.

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App Cloner updated to 1.4.0, bringing WhatsApp and limited Gmail and Chrome support

We've talked about App Cloner before, and one of the problems we specifically noted was incompatibility with WhatsApp. Well, the update to 1.4.0 brings with it precisely that support, and that is a very good thing.

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App Cloner Creates Multiple Instances Of The Same App On Your Phone

There are plenty of reasons why you'd want the same app running twice on your phone. Prior to Facebook Messenger or Instagram adding multiple account support, many users had resorted to downloading modded APKs of the apps to be able to log in with different usernames on the same device. But many other apps still don't allow you to use multiple accounts simultaneously, like Facebook and Skype for example. There are also other reasons why you'd want another instance of an app: if you just want to test something without breaking the main app, if you want to have two different progresses of the same game, if a watchface application only allows one setting and you want an easy way to switch without fiddling with the preferences each time, and so on.

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