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Grab Anker's latest pocket projector, the Nebula Apollo, for $329 ($71 off) with this coupon

Anker's Nebula line of portable projectors continues to grow with the recently released Apollo. This latest pico projector has forgone the soda-can-esque form factor common among Anker's previous products in favor of a new, rectangular design. Anker has also improved projector brightness, doubling that found on the original Capsule. Best of all, the Nebula Apollo has received its first substantial discount since its September release and is currently available from Amazon for $329.

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Apollo, CM's Music Player, Pulled From The Play Store Due To Alleged Copyright Infringement

On Monday of this week, Apollo - the default music player in Cyanogenmod - was released to the Play Store in both free and paid variants. As of yesterday, just four days after its release, both versions of the app have been pulled due to alleged copyright infringement.

Andrew Neal, the app's creator, took to his Google+ page to let users know what happened:

Hey, just to let those of you who noticed that Apollo and Apollo+ are no longer in the Play Store know, MusixMatch filed a complaint and had them removed for alleged copyright infringement due to the way that Apollo fetches lyrics.

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Official CyanogenMod Music Player 'Apollo' Arrives On The Play Store To Organize Your Musical Muses

In ancient Greece, Apollo was—among other things—the god of music. In ancient 2012, Apollo became the official music app for CyanogenMod. It was gorgeous, functional, and completely customizable, as you might expect from the world's most popular ROM. At the time, we were told that this lovely bit of software would be coming to the Market "in the coming weeks." That was back when we still called it the Market. Today, though, Apollo is available on the Play Store.

apollo1 apollo2 apollo3

The player comes in two flavors: regular, and +. Apollo+ removes ads and offers quicker updates for a mere $0.99.

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