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ARCore v1.4 adds support for its first Chromebook, Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, and many more [APK Teardown]

Every month or so, an update to ARCore rolls out to add the augmented reality framework to a whole new set of phones, tablets... and now Chromebooks? Yes, the first Chrome OS device has been found among the list of profiles included in the ARCore APK, and that is the recently released Acer Chromebook Tab 10. Also joining the list are the codenames associated with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, blueline and crosshatch, which are due out this Fall.

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Gmail v8.7.15 prepares to add email scheduling [APK Teardown]

It's Friday evening, you're working a bit after closing time and you've got to send out one last email to a contact at another company. There's no chance anybody is still at the office, nor will anybody be in before Monday. You can live with waiting that long, but you know that sending the email right now means it will surely get buried behind everything else that comes in over the weekend, and if the backlog is too long, your message may not even be read until later in the week. The obvious answer is that you should just schedule your email to be sent early Monday morning...

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Google app v8.14 beta reveals upcoming Pixel Stand smart dock, in-car enhancements with Herbie, and more [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Google app made a late-night appearance on the beta channel. As is common, there aren't many new things to see after installing it, but there are plenty of topics to discuss from doing a teardown. The latest additions include text revealing an upcoming Pixel Stand charging dock, settings for a YouTube TV content filtering option, and what looks like enhanced voice-controlled features for use in the car based on work Google has done with Assistant-enabled headphones.

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YouTube Kids v3.40 prepares parental controls for specific channels and videos [APK Teardown]

After a tumult of controversies over inappropriate videos being served to children through the YouTube Kids app, it seems like things have settled down with the advent of curated collections, a feature that allows trusted organizations to create pre-selected groups of channels that are generally safe for consumption. With the big feature out of the way, YouTube is now working on adding granular controls so parents will have options to eliminate select channels or videos from otherwise trustworthy collections.

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Google app v8.13 beta prepares car-specific settings, new app shortcut to Assistant, and more [APK Teardown]

Google set loose a beta update to its namesake app this weekend, but like most versions, there's not much to see after updating. The most interesting things are only visible through the lens of a teardown, although they're mostly minor notes about topics we already know about or expect to be coming. Nevertheless, we can look forward to a new app shortcut to launch Assistant, car-specific Assistant settings, a couple of name changes, and more.

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Android Messages v3.4 continues work on pairing with Chromebooks, dark mode, and automatic spam detection [APK Teardown]

A new version of Android Messages began rolling out late last night. Beyond a few small cosmetic tweaks, this update appears to be almost entirely focused on preparing upcoming features. There's activity related to pairing with Chromebooks, further developments in dark mode, and forward progress on fighting spam.

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Wear OS app v2.14 will add a shortcut to block app notifications [APK Teardown]

While you can run apps on Wear OS, the main reason for it to exist is to serve notifications. But for as much as notifications are useful, too many can be counterproductive. If you're finding that one or more of your apps is getting too noisy, but you're not quite ready to shut down notifications altogether, one good solution is to block those notifications from reaching your watch. Soon, you'll be able to access the settings screen to configure blocked apps by using a launcher shortcut.

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Google app v8.12 may bring an end to the Feed widget [APK Teardown]

Updates to the Google app have been rolling out at a faster rate for a little while now, and each brings fewer and fewer overall changes. The latest update has remarkably few changes or additions, but it has shed a lot of old and unused text, which isn't a bad thing. However, one of the additions speaks to one other thing that might be going away soon: the Google Feed widget.

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Google Home v1.30 rebrands Backdrops to Ambient Mode, continues work on Google Assistant for Households, and more [APK Teardown]

Google Home v1.30 is rolling out today with a minor feature rebranding and some internal changes that show continued development on Google for Households, possibly with support for multiple homes. There are also more features for the smart home remote control, and Smart Displays will use the Google Home app to set up Duo calling. As always, download links are at the bottom.

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Google Duo v37 may be adding "pause" to video chats and rewards for referring friends [APK Teardown]

A new version of Google Duo is began rolling out earlier today. It doesn't look like any new features have gone live with this update, nor does it appear to restore the screen sharing feature that was briefly enabled a couple months ago. However, there are some new things to look forward to in the future, including what is likely a pause button for video chats and a reward system for inviting friends to use Duo.

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