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Sheets v1.4.072 And Slides v1.2.072 Updated With Minor Tweaks, Docs v1.4.072 Now Supports Rich Editing Actions In Office Compatibility Mode And Inserting Links Into Documents [APK Download]

Update Wednesday went by with merely a whisper this week, barely registering more than a handful of fresh versions. Out of the group, we did get bumps for each of the Google Drive companion apps: Docs, Sheets, and Slides. All three received minor interface adjustments, the more notable changes went solely to Docs, which also gained rich editing support in Office Compatibility Mode and the ability to insert links into Google Documents.

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Google Messenger Update Brings Custom Conversation Colors And No More Laggy Thread Opening Animation [APK Download]

We were begging Google to add SMS to Hangouts for so long, and now it seems like a case of be careful what you wish for. Well, at least there's the new Messenger app. This SMS alternative from Mountain View is getting an update today that makes it prettier, which is always nice.

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Google Play Books Updated With Material Design And New Skimming Interface [APK Download]

Google has pushed out a new version of Play Books with material design, but it's not just a different look. Version 3.2 might change the way you read books on your device. It certainly looks nicer, but you can also easily skim through a book with a flick.

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