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Snapseed v2.19 adds dark theme option [APK Download]

Snapseed's previous big update in September 2017 saw it fall prey to Google's current proclivity for lighter user interface design. Turns out a lot of people don't enjoy that. It should please many of our readers to know, then, that version 2.19, which is rolling out now, restores the option to choose a dark theme for Google's best image editor.

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Android Messages 3.2 adds 2FA code copy shortcuts [APK Download]

Two-factor authentication is a great way to make your accounts more secure, but using SMS messages for the codes is a bit of a hassle: request code, switch apps, copy code, switch apps, paste code (or read and remember the code, but what is this, the 1840s?). Android Messages has a new trick that makes the process a little easier: it now parses 2FA codes from texts and presents the option to copy them with a single tap.

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TV Show Favs gets a material design makeover in v4.0 [APK Download]

Keeping track of what you're watching on TV is an absolute nightmare at the moment; there are just too many great series and not enough time. As with most problems we face these days, there's an app for that. TV Show Favs is a powerful tool that helps you track and manage the viewing of your favorite shows, with all sorts of useful features such as calendar integration and reminder notifications. The devs will probably be the first to admit it hasn't always been the prettiest app (Holo everywhere), but that changes with the latest update.

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Hangouts 11 does away with merged conversations

We've been expecting some changes to SMS functionality in Hangouts for some time, especially after Google started pushing Messenger as an SMS alternative inside Hangouts. As of Hangouts v11, it looks like the other shoe has dropped. This version of the app removes merged conversations as an option.

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[Update: Changes Were Reverted By Server-Side Switch] Google+ v7.6 Brings A Bunch Of Improvements To The Notifications Screen [APK Download]

Who doesn't love a good update? That's a rhetorical question, of course. A few app updates rolled out today, including one for Google+ on Android. A look through it shows that this update was pretty well dedicated to polishing things up on the Notification screen. A previously announced feature is finally locked in, and some of the top requests from users have been addressed. As usual, we've got a link at the bottom if you're eager to get this one downloaded, or just keep reading to find out what's new.

A Server-Side Switch Has Reverted The Changes


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Messenger v1.8 Fixes A Major Crashing Bug On Android N And Adds Manual Override For Incorrectly Detected Countries [APK Download]

An update to Google's Messenger application rolled out yesterday afternoon. Like a lot of other updates lately, this one appears to be centered around clearing up bugs and issues rather than adding new features. For regular travelers or those that have some compatibility issues with their local carriers, there is now an option to override the automatic country detection the app currently performs. Those users on Android N can also look forward to a fix for a pretty critical bug that could cause Messenger to crash with a simple YouTube link.

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Bug Fix: YouTube Links No Longer Crash Android N

2016-03-30 09.48.382016-03-30 09.51.50

For those people living on the edge with the Android N Developer Preview running on their primary (or only) phone, there can be some pretty critical bugs that tend to break things in really unexpected ways.

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[APK Download] Google+ Updated To Version 7.3, Contains Bug Fixes And A Few Minor New Features

It's that time of the week again, namely Update Wednesday. With that in mind, there's a new update to Google+ which should bring a smile to many a person's face.

This release contains a bunch of bug fixes, as well as a few small, but nevertheless very welcome, new features:

10 bugs fixed
4 accessibility issues addressed
Ability to filter your notifications by All, Unread & Other
Several Community moderation tools
Delete multiple items in Activity Log at once
Hide the top bar when scrolling Collections & Communities
Even faster Web browsing on WiFi

In addition, search autocomplete has been re-enabled in this release.

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Google Play Music Updated To v6.0 With Tweaked Nav Drawer, Free Streaming Radio (With Tons Of Ads), And More [APK Download]

Google is rolling out the new version of Play Music, and it's not even Wednesday yet. This update jumps from 5.9 to 6.0, and it makes some significant changes, not the least of which is the addition of ad-supported streaming radio. Oh, and those ads, there are a lot of them.

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Dropbox Updated To v3.0 With Material Design For Non-Beta Users [APK Download]

The official Dropbox app took its first step into a material world several weeks ago with the v2.6 update. That was followed by v2.7, but both of these were beta releases. Now it's bumped up to v3.0 and is rolling out to everyone via the Play Store.

2015-06-22 16.34.13 2015-06-22 16.34.22 2015-06-22 16.34.30

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Chrome Remote Desktop Updated To v43 With New Icon And Revamped UI [APK Download]

Google hasn't updated Chrome Remote Desktop on Android for a while, but today it's jumping from v39 to v43 to match the latest Chrome release. The good news is the app no longer looks like a relic from the holo age, but I'm not seeing any feature additions as of yet.

2015-04-22 15.41.15 2015-04-22 20.36.00

Left: Old, Right: New

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