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Moving Chrome apps to desktop apps is now easy, thanks to Electron Chrome

Earlier this month, Google announced they were killing off Chrome apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux. While it makes logical sense to remove a feature that almost no Chrome users actually used, there are still hundreds of excellent Chrome apps affected by the decision. Google recommends that developers move their applications to Electron (another way to run web apps on the desktop), but doing that would require rewriting every component using Chrome's APIs to the Electron equivalents.

Koush, developer of the Chrome app Vysor (among other projects), has made porting Chrome apps to Electron incredibly easy. With his tool, aptly named Electron Chrome, developers can compile their existing Chrome apps into Electron applications in seconds.

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[APK Download] Chrome for Android Beta 53 enables the new Payment Request API, allows muted video to auto-play

There are some neat things coming to Chrome in the future, and if you'd like to test them out before everyone else, you're probably already using either the Beta or the Dev version of the Android app. Keep an eye on the former: it's getting some of said features right now. The most interesting addition in version 53 is a new API for quickly checking out on mobile online purchases. It's sort of like the streamlined payment options already offered by PayPal and Visa, but it works with any payment system and it's built into the browser. Check it out in the video below:

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Dashlane and Google introduce the 'Open YOLO' password manager API

Passwords are lame, but they're currently the best way we have to secure online accounts. There's plenty of advice out there about how to make passwords more secure like not reusing them across sites, choosing longer passwords, using special characters, and so on. Of course, that makes passwords more annoying. Now, Dashlane and Google have teamed up to create a new password management API called Open YOLO—that's You Only Login Once, not the other YOLO. The intention is to make passwords easier and faster.

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Pushbullet will limit API-based pushes to 500 per month on free accounts starting August 1

There was a bit of a dust-up the other day when Pushbullet began sending out some scary-sounding emails to users. The emails explained that a few services making very heavy use of the Pushbullet API were going to be blocked. Today, Pushbullet has decided to change its approach to coping with this problem after getting feedback form users. Nothing will be blocked, but there will be a new API push limit for free accounts.

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Google Calendar v5.5.9 prepares to add conference room scheduling, snoozing reminders, and maybe a new developer API [APK Teardown]

A seemingly minor update to Google Calendar began rolling out earlier today, bumping the version number from 5.5.7 to 5.5.9. There aren't any apparent changes to the interface with this release, but it does come with some interesting things under the covers. A teardown reveals a new feature for the office that will allow people to schedule conference rooms, the return of reminders that can be snoozed, and possibly a "new api" for developers to work with.

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Google's Awareness API is now out, filled with promise and potential for abuse

Google's new Awareness API - part of Google Play Services - is legitimately cool. In theory. Announced at I/O, it allows apps to access what you're doing, in a general sense, and then give you information based on that status. For now, the API offers two ways for apps to monitor your current status, per Google's blog post.

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Developers can now post apps for Android N (API 24) to the Play Store using the new SDK

Android N Developer Preview 4 is out and it marks a very important milestone in Google's release schedule: the API for the next version of Android is officially final and developers can begin posting apps built for it to the Play Store. In fact, this is a first for Android, never before have developers been able to post apps to the Play Store targeting a preview version of Android. Users can now look forward to trying out 3rd-party apps that target Android N without jumping through hoops with individual APKs.

Play publishing
You can now publish apps that use API level 24 to Google Play, in alpha, beta, and production release channels.

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Square Introduces Android Register API To Integrate Mobile Payments With Other Apps

Square, the company that makes those little headphone jack credit card readers, would like you to use their services more. Of course they would - that's kind of the whole point of commerce. But at the moment merchants using Square are limited to the dedicated Square app, which by default is a sort of digital cash register. The company is hoping to expand itself a bit with its latest API, which allows developers to integrate Square payments into their independent Android apps.

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New Google Sheets And Slides APIs, Plus Expanded Classroom API, Provide Deeper App Integrations For Work And School

With Google's annual developer conference going on, the company is pumping out news about developing things. Makes sense, I guess.

Google's online office suite is not going untouched. The company is pushing new APIs that allow app makers to integrate more closely with Sheets and Slides.

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Google Opens Up API To Read And Reply To Play Store Reviews, Support Already Offered By Zendesk And Conversocial