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Google demands Cerberus anti-theft app to be less stealthy

While Google provides its own tracking and anti-theft service through Android Device Manager, some users prefer third-party tools. One of these is Cerberus, a powerful and customizable anti-theft app that has been around for years. While in operation, it can completely hide any evidence that the phone is being tracked (even faking a shut-down), thus giving owners more time to get their stolen devices back.

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Security firm discovers several major flaws in MIUI

If you have read one of our several reviews of Xiaomi phones, such as the Mi Note 2 and Mi 6, you'll know that the software experience just isn't good. MIUI is Xiaomi's heavily modified version of Android, complete with less-than-stellar RAM and Bluetooth management (among other issues). But the ROM has several major security problems, as found by research firm eScan.

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24 Peanuts review: The coolest way to monitor your fridge, rooms, cookie jars... as long as you can rely on Bluetooth is a relatively new entrant in the connected home and IoT space. The company's most prominent product is the Mother, an oddly shaped humanoid-like hub that connects to small "Cookies" you can intersperse everywhere to monitor motion, temperature, presence/absence. The concept is interesting: bills it as a way to keep an eye on different things and people around your home, including how often someone brushes their teeth or when the cookie jar is opened. But the price is on the very exorbitant side of the equation: sells the Mother for €242 on its store and it retails for about $200 on Amazon in the US.

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Cerberus anti theft gets fingerprint sensor support, Android N features, and bug fixes in version 3.4


Cerberus Anti Theft Adds Bluetooth AutoTask Functions And Dual-SIM Support For Android 5.1

Cerberus is a popular app that extends Android's tracking and anti-theft abilities with a host of new tools. Developer LSDroid tends to release updates often, and the latest one fixes an important bug and adds a few more features. Notably, Cerberus can now disable your phone's ability to lower the status bar on the lockscreen, where the Quick Settings menu displays by default in Android 5.0 and 5.1. That will keep thieves from easily disconnecting from Wi-Fi or data networks.

unnamed (1)

The AutoTask function has been extended to work with various Bluetooth triggers. AutoTask can react to certain conditions like an incorrect PIN or a low battery setting by enabling or disabling certain functions, or locking down the phone.

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Cerberus Anti-Theft App Updated With Android Wear Support And Lollipop Administrator Privileges

Cerberus is a solid little app that makes it easy (or at least easier) to find/lock your phone or tablet if it's lost or stolen. The app has accumulated over a million downloads on the Play Store, so clearly it has earned some loyal users. The update to version 3.1 adds a couple of crucial features: full support for both Android Wear and Android 5.0. If you have either one, you'll appreciate the added functionality.

2015-03-07 17.13.12

For Android Wear, Cerberus can send an alert to your watch to let you know when it's lost a connection with the phone or tablet. Wear has this functionality built-in, but it's more of a notification than a "your phone is being stolen" alert.

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Cerberus 3.0 Update Goes Stable With Material Design And Plenty Of New Anti-Theft Features

There are updates, and then there are updates. For Cerberus, version 3.0 is the latter. It gets the app ready for Android 5.0 by covering it with pretty materials. Well, as pretty as this particularly unflattering app is going to get.

Cerberus still consists mostly of menus, but now the action bar is very red, a hamburger icon sits in the top left corner, and a sidebar (redesigned since the last time we took a look at the beta) now pulls out over every other part of the interface.

11 12 Screenshot_2014-12-10-18-27-04

Some of the new features include the ability to prevent powering down from the lockscreen and an option to block USB debugging on your device.

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Lookout Introduces Theft Alerts, A Feature Set Similar To What Other Security Apps Have Had For Years

An update is rolling out to the Lookout security app with a new feature tucked away exclusively for premium account holders. This feature is theft alerts. After the alerts have been enabled, Lookout will send phone owners an email automatically when the phone starts engaging in behavior that indicates it could have been stolen. This way you get notified as soon as shenanigans begin, rather than having to manually check for the device's location yourself. Lookout defines said shenanigans as follows.

Lookout will now send out Theft Alerts when:

  • Your passcode is entered incorrectly
  • Your SIM card is removed
  • Airplane Mode has been enabled
  • Your device has been turned off
  • Someone removed Lookout as the device administrator

Some of these actions aren't really all that suspicious, especially for travelers who may regularly power down their phones entirely rather than switch to airplane mode.

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Cerberus Issues Statement Following Data Breach Where Some Usernames And Encrypted Passwords Were Stolen

Cerberus Anti-Theft is the type of app that users install for peace of mind. The service offers the ability to track a device's location, record audio through its microphone, lock it, or wipe it remotely in the chance that it falls into the wrong hands. Unfortunately, this line of defense could be a person's worse nightmare if their account were compromised. That's why it was no small deal when Cerberus recently sent out this email to some of its users, alerting them that a number of usernames and passwords were stolen in a recent data breach.


The company has since issued this admirably detailed statement.

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[Weekend Poll] Will Google's New Android Device Manager Make You Ditch Your Current Anti-Theft / Lost Phone App?

On Friday, Google dropped a small bomb on Android users everywhere by introducing the Android Device Manager service. It's been a part of Google Apps for your Domain's device administration interface for quite some time now, though, so the product itself isn't new - it's just being newly introduced to regular ol' consumers like you and me.

What's it do? It shows you where your phone is, lets you make it ring, and lets you wipe it. That's really it. You'll manage it through Google Play on the web, and there will be an Android app, too. ADM will be integrated with Google Play Services, and at this point, it's not clear how robust the protection's survivability will be in the event of theft.

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