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SPACECOM Is A Minimal Multiplayer Sci-Fi Strategy Game From The Makers Of The Anomaly Series

Real-time strategy seems to be all about hundreds of actions per minute these days, if you can even find a strategy game that's not a clone of Clash of Clans or League of Legends or Army of Alliteration. SPACECOM takes a different approach: it's a minimal sci-fi game where your captured star systems are just solar diagrams, your ships and fleets are a series of triangles, and there's a definite lack of guns or explosions.

If you've ever played Wing Commander: Armada, SPACECOM plays out like a real-time version of the strategy portions of that game (minus the full 3D space battles, of course).

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Anomaly Defenders Arrives On Android To Finish Out The Anomaly Series By Going Back To Its Tower Defense Roots

The Anomaly games gained attention not only because they are staggeringly gorgeous, but because the gameplay was a clever twist on the age-old tower defense genre. Past games had you playing as the creeps fighting through the towers, but Anomaly Defenders is more traditional—you're in control of the towers, but it's the humans you're fighting, not aliens.

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11 Bit Studios Shows Off A Trailer For Anomaly Defenders, Encourages You To Kill All Humans

The Anomaly series has some of the most polished, high-quality games on any mobile platform, and the next entry looks like no exception. While Anomaly: Warzone Earth, Anomaly Korea, and Anomaly 2 were all "tower offense" games (where you control a convoy of tanks and other vehicles being attacked by turrets), Anomaly Defenders goes for the more conventional tower-based approach.

But there's still a twist: this time you're playing for the alien side, fighting back against fascist human invaders. The initial trailer injects a little humor into the situation with a 40s-style newsreel, instructing members of The Hive in basic tower defense to kill "the organic maggots."

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[New Game] Anomaly 2 Launches On Android So You Can Continue The Struggle Against The Alien Menace

The Anomaly games are a really good time – even the preview build of Anomaly 2 we got to take a look at a few weeks ago was already excellent. Now the game has been fully optimized for Android and it's in the Play Store for your alien-blasting pleasure.

Anomaly 2 has the same reverse tower defense gameplay as the first two games, but now you've got some cool new vehicles that can transform. Each mode has its advantages, so it's up to you to make sure you choose the right tool for the job. There are still all those power ups to manage and the deep tactical control that made the first two games great.

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[Hands-On Preview] Anomaly 2 Introduces Transforming Robots To An Already Awesome Game Franchise

The original Anomaly Warzone and follow-up Anomaly Korea were undeniably two of the best titles to come out on Android in the last few years. These games take the tower defense genre and turn it on its head by putting you in the control of the creeps. Under constant attack by defense towers, you have to repair, upgrade, and manage your units to reach the goal. It's much the same idea in the upcoming Anomaly 2, but you've got new units and some new gameplay mechanics to figure out. I've had a chance to play a preview build of Anomaly 2 recently, so let's take a quick tour.

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Wednesday App And Game Sales: Anomaly Korea, Beautiful Widgets Pro, WakeVoice Pro (FREE), Runtastic Pedometer Pro (FREE), And More


After a day filled with Android-flavored excitement (Google Edition phones!), disappointment (they're not really Google Edition phones, and SHIELD is late at the gate), and all points in between, it's time to kick back with some sweet app and game sales. Because no matter how good or bad your day was, saving money is never a let-down. Let's get right to it, shall we?



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'Anomaly Warzone Earth' And 'Anomaly Korea' Are 50% Off On The Play Store ($2)

Tower defense games are great. Tired and done to death, sure, but the good ones are really fantastic. Anomaly Warzone Earth and the sequel Anomaly Korea are two of the better entries in the genre, having the distinguishing factor of playing role reversal. In these, you're not building towers, you're trying to slip past them. Now, both titles are half off on the Play Store, each costing a mere $2.

anomalykorea1 anomalykorea2 anomalykorea3

Normally, each game individually is priced at $4 and now you can get both for the same price. Not a bad deal! Back when Ryan reviewed Anomaly Korea, he loved it.

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Anomaly Korea Review: Tower Defense Is Dead – Long Live Tower Offense

You've probably played loads of tower defense games on Android. There's a reason they're so popular, though. See, tower defense games are fun and hard to screw up. Still, the same old thing can get boring after a while. So it's nice to see Anomaly Korea show up and continue turning the genre on its head like its predecessor did. In Anomaly Korea, you play the creeps trying to get past the towers.

Gameplay And Controls

The backstory is that the aliens have invaded and they are not the nice kind that want to invite us to join a galactic federation.

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[Review] 11 Bit Studios Revolutionizes The Tower Defense Genre With Anomaly Warzone Earth HD

You may have heard of Anomaly Warzone Earth HD before, and while it isn't new to Android, it is new to the Android Market. 11 Bit Studios released this game exclusively into the Amazon Appstore some months ago, but now it's fully out in the open for everyone else to enjoy. What's so great is that this game is both fresh and entirely unique. Hearing that about a title coming out of the tower defense genre sounds weird, right?


First Things First

Before we go any further, allow me to explain just what makes this game so unique. While it technically can be categorized with other TD games, it's actually the complete opposite.

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