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Humble Bundle With Android 7 Adds Anomaly Korea, Broken Sword: Director's Cut, Organ Trail: Director's Cut, And Ticket To Ride Europe DLC

It's been a week since Humble Bundle with Android 7 hit the net, offering six android games at a pay-what-you-want price, which means it's time for a second wave of games to enter the pot. All of these titles have appeared in previous Humble Bundles, but it's always nice to offer repeat titles to those who didn't hop on them the first time. The new additions include Anomaly Korea, Broken Sword: Director's Cut, Organ Trail: Director's Cut, and Ticket To Ride Europe DLC.

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Yet Another Humble Bundle Is Live, Pay What You Want For Metal Slug 3, Plants Vs. Zombies, Anomaly Korea, And More

The last Humble Bundle for Android just ended, but if that wasn't quite enough to slake your desire for gaming on the go, may I interest you in the Humble Mobile Bundle? The primary difference between this one and the last is that this package won't include Steam codes for the desktop counterparts. Only Android. However, the four primary games you get are Contre Jour, Anomaly Korea, Plants vs. Zombies and Bladeslinger.

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'Anomaly Warzone Earth' And 'Anomaly Korea' Are 50% Off On The Play Store ($2)

Tower defense games are great. Tired and done to death, sure, but the good ones are really fantastic. Anomaly Warzone Earth and the sequel Anomaly Korea are two of the better entries in the genre, having the distinguishing factor of playing role reversal. In these, you're not building towers, you're trying to slip past them. Now, both titles are half off on the Play Store, each costing a mere $2.

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Normally, each game individually is priced at $4 and now you can get both for the same price.

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Anomaly Korea Review: Tower Defense Is Dead – Long Live Tower Offense

You've probably played loads of tower defense games on Android. There's a reason they're so popular, though. See, tower defense games are fun and hard to screw up. Still, the same old thing can get boring after a while. So it's nice to see Anomaly Korea show up and continue turning the genre on its head like its predecessor did. In Anomaly Korea, you play the creeps trying to get past the towers.

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11 bit studios Releases Sequel To Popular Anomaly Warzone Tower 'Attack' Game: Anomaly Korea

If you've never played Anomaly Warzone Earth, it's worth looking into - the game took the tower defense genre and turned it on its head, quite literally. Anomaly is a tower offense game, in which you send in and guide your forces through a defense-laden map and achieve various objects in the process. The sequel to that game is now out - Anomaly Korea.

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The gameplay looks basically similar (though I'm certain there are some new features), so players of the previous game should have no problem jumping right in.

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