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Google posted more of the 2017 I/O schedule, time to plan your own

More of this year's schedule for Google's I/O developer conference is finally up. At least, more than the last time we talked about it. Not all of the events are on it, as some would likely give away announcements made during the keynote at I/O by their presence on the calendar, but it looks like most of the talks should be there now. If you are planning on attending, as some of us are, then you might want to start figuring out how best to divide up your time.

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[Update 2: No News At Event] Google Begins Sending Out Invites To October 24th Google Play Event

Update 2: We've now received independent confirmation from a credible source that there will be no news, Android or otherwise, at this event. Sorry, everyone - continue your Nexus reveal date conspiracy theorizing as normal.

Update: has updated its story with a statement from a "reliable source," and that source is playing down any hopes of a Nexus reveal next week:

We just received a tip from a reliable source telling us that the 10/24 event will not feature any hardware.

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ViewSonic: We May Have Set Certain Unrealistic Expectations, But The gTablet Will Never Officially Get Honeycomb

In a move that will certainly irritate many people, ViewSonic has taken to its Facebook page with an official word on the gTablet, future support, and whether or not it will ever officially see Honeycomb. As you may have already guessed, the simple answer from ViewSonic to the latter is "no," with very little reasoning behind the decision.

The ViewSonic gTablet was one of the first Android tablets to hit the market with the NVIDIA Tegra 2 chipset onboard, but at the time of release it was powered by Android 2.2, as 3.0 had yet to hit the market. Naturally, early adopters of the device assumed that Google's tablet specific operating system would eventually make its way onto the gTablet...

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[Updated] Gameloft Announces Upcoming Games For The Remainder Of 2011

Update: It looks like there was a bit of a mix up, as these games are for feature phones, not Android. Here is Gameloft's official statement on the matter:

I can confirm there has been a confusion. The lineup we have announced yesterday is only for feature phones (java and brew).

We do not announce in advance our line up of games for Android and iOS. Usually we announce our games for iPhone and Android separately (one announcement for each game).

Sorry for the confusion.

Original Post:

In an out-of-character move, Gameloft has given us a sneak peak into the future by releasing its full catalog of games expected to hit the last half of this year.

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[Updated] Motorola And Sprint Announce The Photon 4G: Dual-Core, WiMAX, Gingerbread-Filled Goodness For The Now Network

Motorola and Sprint teamed up for a press conference in NYC today, where they announced Sprint's newest beast of a phone: the Photon 4G. Check it out:

Motorola Photon GVS PHOTON_4G_Dyn_R_vert_Home_Sprint_small


  • 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor
  • 4.3 inch qHD display
  • 1GB RAM
  • 16GB onboard storage
  • 8MP rear shooter, VGA front facing camera
  • Kickstand
  • Global-ready
  • WiMax
  • Mobile hotspot
  • Advanced, enterprise level IT security
  • Gingerbread
  • Webtop capable

This phone was previously rumored to be "the Atrix for Sprint," but while the general look of the device is quite similar, the Photon seems to be more of an evolution and less a rebranding. Judging by the pictures, it also looks to be rocking the newest version of Blur (the same one that we saw in the leaked Droid 3 videos).

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AT&T's Not So Dynamic Duo: The LG Thrive And Pheonix

AT&T has kind of introduced two new LG Android powered smartphones into its lineup, set to appear on April 17th - the LG Thrive and LG Phoenix. I say "kind of" because, well, they're the same phone. The Thrive is a prepaid variant, while the Phoenix is a contract-only device.


Left: Thrive; Right: Phoenix

They're not really anything to brag about, but here are the specs:

  • 600MHz processor
  • 3.2 Inch screen
  • 160MB of user memory, 2GB SD card
  • 3.2MP Camera
  • Android 2.2

I guess it's not too bad when you consider the off contract price of $180 for the Thrive (okay, yes it is.

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