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Anki's Cozmo robot starts shipping today for $179.99

Anki's first foray into consumer AI toys was Anki Drive (later Overdrive), and earlier this year the company announced a new AI product. It's a robot called Cozmo, and it's available today. Unlike some of the other consumer robots, Cozmo doesn't pretend to be a personal assistant or household helper. It's a toy, but a smart toy with personality.

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Cozmo is a 3D-animated intelligent robot that fits in the palm of your hand, available now for pre-order

It's 2016. Where are the robots? I don't mean the boring, factory drones that have gone after jobs. I mean the cute ones. The robots that follow you around and make adorable sounds, like WALL-E.

Anki, the company who brought us smart toy race cars, has asked this same question. Then it assembled a group of people who decided to do something about it.

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Anki Overdrive Expands On The Original Toys With Modular Build-It-Yourself Tracks And AI Boss Fights

The currently-available Anki Drive series of toys are undeniably cool, allowing players to drive tiny remote controlled cars along real tracks with their smartphones while the app keeps track of video game-inspired additions like weapons and power-ups. The next iteration of the toy, Anki Overdrive, is set to take things to the next level when it debuts this fall. The most visible addition is the new piece-by-piece track system, including risers for overpasses and jumps, walls for faster banks, and a modular design that allows for near-infinite expansion. It's a mixture of classic Hot Wheels tracks and modern electronics.


When you begin a new game of Anki Overdrive, the miniature cars will drive themselves around the track, learning the layout and any special sections for themselves.

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