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Anki, maker of Vector, Cozmo and other toy robots, is shutting down (Update: Revival project)

Anki has been one of the leading companies in this new age of smartphone-connected toys, alongside Sphero. Sadly, Anki has run out of money and is shutting its doors.

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Anki's friendly Vector robot is getting Alexa support December 17

Anki's Vector robot launched in October. The little guy is certainly cute, and it's always had a useful trick or two; it can tell you the temperature outside or set timers, for example. But starting next week in the US and Canada, Vector is getting a whole lot more practical with the addition of Alexa functionality.

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Anki's Cozmo, Vector, and Overdrive toy robots are 30-43% off for today only

Anki has made several smartphone-controlled toy robots over the past few years, including the adorable 'Cozmo' and the 'Overdrive' race car set. For today only, you can get select Anki robots for 30-43% off from Amazon — including Cozmo, Vector, and Overdrive.

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