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Android P feature spotlight: Here are some sweet new transition animations

I'm a sucker for animations. Objectively speaking, they don't add any functionality (some might even say that incessant animations make tasks slower and end up actually reducing productivity), but I still can't get enough of them. Fortunately for me and for any other animation fans out there, Android P has a couple of new transition animations that look pretty dope.

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Android P feature spotlight: There's a new cell selection animation in DP1

It's always fun to poke around a developer preview in search of what might have changed in Android. Some things are more obvious, like moving the volume slider around or making Quick Settings vertically scrollable, while others are a little more subtle. This one falls squarely in the latter category.

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Sam Ruston's new app Hurry is a beautiful countdown timer for events

Fans of Android developer Sam Ruston's applications, such as myself, will be excited to hear that he has just released one more. The app, called Hurry, is a countdown timer that uses notifications and widgets to help you keep track of upcoming events. It is a simple concept but executed with the developer's usual insane attention to detail, especially in relation to material design and animations. 

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Android O feature spotlight: More natural movement with physics-based animations

Animations in apps can often be jerky or unrealistic, but in Android O Google plans to give developers tools to make animations buttery smooth and natural with the power of physics. It should also be much simpler to make animations with this system.

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Android O feature spotlight: There's a cool new animation when opening or closing notifications

Android O was revealed last week, and Google talked about the neat stuff it can do via blog posts and videos. We didn't get all the little details—those nice touches that make you smile, realizing Google takes design seriously these days. Case in point, there's a rad new animation when you open and close the notification shade. Let's watch, shall we?

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Allo v6 prepares to introduce a vote bot, notifications on Android Auto, animated emoji, and new drawing tools [APK Teardown]

Last week was pretty busy with some big app updates and even bigger product announcements. One update that slipped through the cracks was Allo v6. There aren't any obvious new features, but there's plenty for a teardown. Some of the upcoming features will include a chat bot to enable voting among members of a group chat, Android Auto support, animated emoji, and some new drawing tools.

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Lottie is Airbnb's new open-source tool for effortlessly creating app animations

Animations are an important part of an app's design and user experience, so much so that Google made them an integral part of material design. The folks at Airbnb just made making an animation a whole lot easier, with a new tool called 'Lottie.'

Lottie is an open-source library for iOS, Android, and React Native that renders animations in real time. This means that animations such as the 'hamburger-to-back-arrow' animation is now easy and simple to create. The library uses an open-source After Effects plugin, Bodymovin, as its base, which enables Lottie to use data exported from After Effects as JSON files to animate in real time on the device.

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[Update: Fully Resizable Widgets And Other Tweaks] Clock v4.3 Adds Some Slick New Animations And Audio Support For Android Wear [APK Download]

The Clock app doesn't get a ton of updates, but when it does there's almost always something worth talking about. The latest version does a little bit of everything with a little bit of visual polish and updates for the Android Wear app. As usual, there's a link at the bottom if you'd like to grab this version before it rolls out to your devices in due time.

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[Update: APK Download] Google Play Store v5.8 Rolling Out With Hamburger-Arrow Morphing Animation

Googler Kirill Grouchnikov likes to clue everyone into the subtle design tweaks in upcoming versions of the Play Store as they roll out, and today he's posted not once, not twice, but three times about a slick new hamburger animation. Is that overkill? I don't know... it's a pretty cool animation.


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Google Celebrates Father's Day With More Custom Animations In Hangouts

It's Father's Day. If you have a dad and you appreciate him, go have lunch with him. If he's too far away, call him on the phone, like people used to do before things like touchscreens and smartwatches and Taylor Swift. Don't send him a text message or IM that says "Happy Father's Day" - that's just so tacky. It's the communication equivalent of a last-minute drug store gift card.

If you decide to ignore this advice, and you send Dad a "Happy Father's Day" message through Hangouts, Google won't judge you as harshly as I will. In fact, they'll actually reward you with a series of custom animations, as is their wont for wide-reaching holidays lately.

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