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JBL Link Bar orders delayed, likely won't ship this year

Android TVs and Home units have become the hallmark of a smart home powered by Google. We’ve seen a fair share of Android TV boxes from a variety of manufacturers, including the Nvidia Shield. For the most part, they offered the same features in slightly-different packages. But when Google announced the JBL Link Bar, we witnessed a different product entirely. Sadly, pre-orders for the Android soundbar have now been hit with delays.

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Download: 7 Android TV UI Frames To Quickly Sketch Interfaces For The Living Room

Yesterday, I was starting work on some sketches for Android TV. When it was time to move into Sketch (my current mockup tool of choice, mostly because of its Zeplin integration), I realized I hadn't really seen any good ready-made sheets, frames, or stickers for Android TV UI. So I decided to just go ahead and build a few screens, and then maybe - if they came out decent - upload them for other designers who might want to do a quick TV mockup or two.

The Sketch file you'll find below has 7 artboards, covering the Android TV home page, a basic leanback UI, a video player, a list, settings, and keyboard/text input.

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[I/O 2014] AndroidTV Is Now Official, Will Be Available Publicly Alongside The L Release This Fall

At this point, it's no secret that Google was going to unveil Android TV. We've already seen several leaks, and last night Vector Unit prematurely published a changelog with the words "AndroidTV" all over it. So yeah, we knew it was coming. And now it's here.

First things first – Android TV looks fantastic. It's a new take on Android, designed from the ground up with a specific experience in mind (just like Android Wear), only this one's for the big screen. Google wants to take Chromecast a step further with AndroidTV, all while stomping its massive foot directly into the center of a market dominated by Roku and, more recently, Amazon.

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Riptide GP2 Developer Prematurely Publishes Changelog, Basically Confirms That AndroidTV Is Coming Tomorrow

We've been hearing rumors about Android TV, Google's push to get Android into the set-top box market, for a while now, with the most recent leaks pointing towards a Google I/O announcement. Looks like we're definitely going to see Google take the wraps off of it tomorrow, as the Riptide GP2 dev prematurely posted a changelog that all but confirms it:


Unfortunately, the log has since been pulled, but not before an eagle-eyed Android fan could grab a screenshot and toss it onto Google+.

The night before Google I/O Day One is always fun, and leaks like this one are exactly why.

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