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Android x86 project hits 9.0 Pie release candidate

Android's open source nature allows developers to tailor the OS exactly to their needs, and a team of programmers has taken it upon itself to build an Android version for the classic x86 desktop processor environment. The Android x86 project has now hit its next milestone and has published the first Android 9 Pie release candidate that people can run on their virtual machines or desktop computers.

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Stable version of Android x86 8.1 Oreo now available

Porting an operating system to a completely different architecture is a lot of work. As such, it's not surprising that the Android x86 project ― which aims to get Android running on traditional Intel/AMD x86 computers ― usually lags quite a bit behind mainline releases. The team released its first Oreo build last year, and now a stable version is available.

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Android-x86 Project releases first Oreo build (release candidate 1)

Running Android on your PC can be a surprisingly shady experience with emulators that spam you with ads or try to hide Bitcoin miners on your system. When in doubt, there's always the open source Android-x86 Project. It just so happens that Android-x86 just released a build of Android Oreo.

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[Update: LineageOS version also live] Android x86 7.1 R1 now available, brings Nougat to your PC

It has been a very long time since we last covered Android x86, but the project is still alive and kicking. If you're not familiar with it, Android x86 is a port of Android to x86-based PCs and Macs, with almost no changes to the interface (for better or for worse). The first stable port of Android 7.1 has just been released, so you can enjoy Nougat on your PC or virtual machine of choice.

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[Update: Beta Has Arrived] Remix OS 2.0 Graduates To Beta March 1st With 32-Bit Support, OTA, Dual Boot, And Still No Google Services

Jide Technology is focused on making Android more desktop-like. The company first kickstarted a Microsoft Surface-like tablet, then followed it with a small puck to turn any display into an Android desktop, the Remix Mini. When Michael reviewed the latter, he found the software interesting, but the hardware lacking. The third aspect of Jide's strategy was to release its Remix OS for free for anyone to install and use. Michael also reviewed it and called it promising while still pointing out its current limitations.

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Remix OS For PC 'Developer Version' Is Ready To Bring Android To Your Desktop As A Free Download

Android isn't a desktop operating system, they say. Who's they? Not Jide. This company sees the inside of a PC as the ideal location for that green little bugdroid. Not long ago it released a low-powered PC running an experimental version of Android adapted to desktops. Now that software is available to download directly from Jide's website, which you can then flash to an Intel-based PC of your choice.

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Remix OS For PC Coming Mid-January, Will Let You Install Android Onto Whatever Intel-Based Hardware You Want

I like Android. There, I said it. Sometimes I feel so attached that I wish I could use the platform on my laptop as well. I've done most of my blogging for the past few years from a Chromebook, so I'm used to accepting constraints.

The folks at Jide apparently had the same desire, because they managed to adapt much of the software to a traditional desktop interface. The end result was surprisingly well-done. The problem is that the Remix Mini, Jide's desktop PC with a disappointing 1.2GHz Allwinner A53 processor, could not deliver more than a slow and janky experience.

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Crowdfunded Console OS Accused Of 'Stealing' Android-x86 Project's Open Source Code

The world of open source collaborative projects can be murky at times, and throwing crowdfunding into the mix doesn't make it any clearer. This odd intersection is the source of much drama in the small but passionate community that wants to see Android become as widespread on the desktop as it is on mobile. Members of the open source development team over at the Android-x86 Project, which aims to make Android operable on standard PC hardware, claim that Kickstarter project Console OS has "stolen" Android x86 code and presented it, at least in part, as its own creation.

This is where things start to get complicated.

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Engadget Previews Viewsonic 10" Tablet - Dual-Boots Win7 & Android 1.6

Last week, we found out that Viewsonic would be rebranding and selling a 7" and 10" tablet; the 7" tablet would be Android while the 10" would dual-boot Android and Win7. Now Engadget has a hands-on preview of the 10" with additional details, and suffice it to say there are some ups and downs.

Bad news first, though: the tablet runs Android 1.6. The reason for this lies in the CPU used, but that doesn't make shipping a tablet with an OS that's over a year old suck any less. Also bad news: Engadget was rather unimpressed with the screen:

We weren't impressed with the quality of the display, or with the pixel density, but at least the capacitive touch seemed to be working fine...

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How-To: Run Android On Your PC

Chalk this one up as a novelty, because the usefulness is pretty low. HowToGeek (and by extension, an XDA forum member) have posted instructions for how to boot your PC into Android. The process isn’t too excruciatingly tricky if you’re willing to just burn the ISO to a CD, although if you opt to run Android from a USB key, you’re in for a slightly more involved process.


Once installed, things seem to work pretty normally – according to HTG, this includes cameras and Wi-Fi, depending on what you’re using. Also (and rather surprisingly), they had some minor issues with some effects (opening menus, etc) stuttering.

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