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Google Fit v1.55 Adds New Digital Watch Face And Fit Challenge Trainer For Android Wear [APK Download]

It's been a while since we've seen a true update to Google Fit – about 6 months if you don't count a version that turned up in the final M Developer Preview. You might even say the app got a bit flabby over the summer. (Sorry.) The latest version began rolling out yesterday and it's featuring a couple of big changes for Android Wear, including a brand new watch face and a trainer mode to help you get in shape. The main app also went through a couple of changes, but they're nothing to get excited about. However, check back later for a pretty big teardown – some big things are happening.

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Watch Face BSOD Constantly Revives Your Timeless Dead Windows Nostalgia

Watch Face BSOD
Watch Face BSOD
Developer: Rabbit Design
Price: $0.99

Alternate title: When Artem Asks You To Write A "Fun" Post, You Accept The Challenge And Do Your Best

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Microsoft OneDrive's Latest Beta Includes A Watchface For Android Wear And A Native PDF Viewer

The latest beta update for Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service includes two significant feature additions. The first is the presence of a watchface for your Android Wear device and the other headliner is a built-in PDF viewer, which is well overdue since competitors Google Drive and Dropbox have had the function for quite a while now.


I have to say I was pretty surprised to get a notification after updating the app that told me to try out the OneDrive watchface. As you can see on the screenshot above, Microsoft says I can use it to see my photos on my watch.

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