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OnePlus promises better color accuracy and Dolby Vision for its budget TV range

As OnePlus often does before a new product launch, the company has been dropping various nuggets of information about its upcoming TV range. We already know it’s stepping into the budget segment after its debut range received a lukewarm response in India, the only launch market so far. The latest tidbit from OnePlus's CEO gives away a little more about the panel’s color accuracy and the support for Dolby’s premium HDR standard on the new series.

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Reelgood brings its streaming guide to Android TV

With more people staying at home and quarantining, streaming services have never been more popular. If you're like me and have subscribed to more services than you thought you did, you may be familiar with Reelgood. It's a guide that centralizes all of your streaming subscriptions so you can search and browse them in one place. What debuted as a web service, followed by apps on iOS and Android has led to the company's latest expansion, Android TV.

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Everything we know about Google's upcoming Android TV dongle, code-named 'Sabrina'

We've been anticipating an Android TV-powered dongle from Google since the beginning of the year, when details first broke about the company's plans. In the intervening time, the pace of rumors and leaks has picked up, and while there are still unanswered questions, today we know quite a lot about "Sabrina" — that's its hardware code-name. Let's review the facts.

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Android TV might soon support multi-user Voice Match for Google Assistant

Most, if not all, Android TV remotes come with a dedicated Google Assistant button. It allows you to speed up a ton of interactions and makes accessing shows and apps not instantly accessible on the homescreen easier. However, most TVs are shared between multiple family members, so it's a bummer that Assistant can't tell who's talking to it, especially since Google's smart speakers and displays are capable of customizing results via Voice Match. That feature might soon make the jump to Google's TV platform.

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Probable specs for Google's upcoming Android TV dongle leak

Our first good look at Google's upcoming Android TV dongle came courtesy of XDA Developers, and now they're back with more details that were dug up in a leaked firmware image. We knew "Sabrina" would be powered by an unknown Amlogic chipset, but now we know the exact model and most of its specs, as well as features it's likely to support.

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OnePlus teases cheaper Android TV models

OnePlus ventured into the TV space late last year with a pair of sets offering some fancy features like a retractable soundbar and an Apple TV-esque remote control. But their sales didn’t quite pick up in India, mainly due to their high-end pricing, a space where brands like Samsung and LG have maintained a good hold. A recent tweet from the OnePlus CEO indicates that the company has taken note of that, and we could get to see some cheaper OnePlus TVs pretty soon.

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Weekend poll: Are you interested in Google's 'Sabrina' Android TV dongle?

Last week, our friends at XDA Developers dug up a treasure trove of details surrounding the upcoming Android TV-powered dongle long-rumored to be in development at Google. Beyond showing us what it and its included remote might look like, together with a handful of specs, we also got our first glimpse at the Android TV redesign it could ship with. Of course, you can't buy one yet, but are you already thinking about picking one up?

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Hisense H8G Quantum Android TV review: A very good smart TV that's very hard to recommend

It's truly incredible just how good cheap TVs have gotten. Not that long ago, $500 wouldn't get you anything better than a bargain bin 40" screen with a laundry list of issues and terrible, vaseline-coated picture quality. But now it's hard to spend more than $1,000 unless you really have a reason to, and Hisense's H8G series is a great example of just how far your money can go. It's a pretty good lineup from 50" to 75", and they all come with Android TV built right in. But while I want to recommend the TV, it's ruined by a single deal-breaker: Video playback from streaming apps can stutter and freeze for long periods, which isn't acceptable at any price.

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TCL's latest TVs run Android TV, starting at $130

TCL isn't just content to move into the smartphone business. The company is also expanding its now well-known TV lineup to include Android TV-powered models here in the US as well — so far as we're concerned as the Android Police, that's a step up in smarts compared to the previous Roku models. Two new 3-Series Android TV-powered models are available now through Best Buy. And though they aren't the biggest or highest-resolution TVs out there, they are cheap.

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Nokia's Android TV lineup expanding with new 43-inch model