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Google is testing subscription sign-ups on the Android TV Play Store

Last year at the I/O developer conference, Google teased a redesigned Play Store for Android TV, together with a new feature that would allow easy one-click subscriptions. While we have since picked up that new Play Store UI, one-touch subscriptions were still lacking — until now. We've spotted a newly published support page that describes the functionality, and Google has confirmed to us that it the company has started "piloting" the long-awaited feature.

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Android TV highlights at-home workout apps in new Play Store fitness category

Google is giving Google Play on Android TV new categories for app discovery, starting with a "stay mindful & fit" group that includes things like the Peleton app and Gymondo. That should make it easier to find a way to exercise at home during the lockdown.

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(Update: Rolling out widely) Android TV Play Store starts getting its long-awaited redesign

At Google I/O this year, Android TV Product Lead Anwar Haneef introduced a new look for the Play Store that focuses on usability and discovery. That new look is rolling out now to some users on Play Store version 16.9.42.

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Android TV exec talks new hardware, app numbers, and future plans

Many, including us here at Android Police, have felt that Android TV is languishing as a platform, especially considering some of its best standalone hardware is coming up on four years old — admittedly, it has aged gracefully. According to a recent interview from TechHive, Google's commitment to the platform is only increasing, though, and both big changes and new hardware are planned.

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