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The CW's free, ad-supported streaming apps are now available for Android TV [APK Download]

Android TV's streaming options just got a little bit broader. The CW and CW Seed streaming apps are now available on the platform, offering up free access to shows like Riverdale, Supergirl, Whose Line Is At Anyway? and Pushing Daisies - as long as you don't mind commercial breaks. 

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AMC TV now has its own Android TV app

We talk a lot about cord-cutting — "skinny bundles" and the like — but there are still plenty of cable holdouts. Cable boxes are largely terrible, though, so any opportunity to not use them is a boon. To that end, AMC has just released an Android TV app.

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Twitter gets a dedicated Android TV app for streaming football (and maybe some other videos too)

As nice as it is to get a new Android TV app from a large web property (and also rare, natch), one might reasonably wonder what Twitter is doing on a platform almost exclusively dedicated to streaming video. The answer is, of course, streaming video: Twitter has a lucrative deal with the NFL to stream some but not all of this season's Thursday Night Football games for free on the service. This app would have been a lot more useful before we got 10 weeks into a 17-week season, but hey, gift horses and whatnot.

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CNNgo delivers bite-sized news video to Android TV, no cable login needed

If you don't subscribe to a cable or satellite provider, your options for all of these new streaming apps seem to shrink fairly quickly. There are more and more channel apps coming in for Android TV, but most of them assume that you already pay for premium TV somewhere else. CNN is offering an alternative, and if it's not ideal, then at least it's there. CNNgo doesn't want any of your money, it just wants to show you the news. And also some ads. But mostly news.

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Nickelodeon releases a new app for Android TV, cable login required

Most of our readership is more likely to sit down and watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones instead of whatever season Spongebob they're up to these days, but we are aware that some of you have children. (There are even a few running around the disparate home offices of Android Police, if you can believe it.) And those tiny customers are the ones served by the latest major media player to hit Android TV, Nickelodeon.

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Android TV Remote Control v1.1 Is Preparing To Add Gamepad Capabilities, Auto-Sleep For Supported TVs, And Volume Tuning For Voice Responses [APK Teardown]

If you own an Android TV box or a television with it built in, there's a pretty good chance you've also taken the time to install Google's remote control app to go with it. It's not that the app is necessary, but it's a great backup in case your main remote is lost or the batteries die. All things considered, it's a pretty basic utility app; but it might not be quite so simple in the near future. A teardown shows that this little remote control is about to turn your phone into a full-fledged gamepad. There are also signs that it may soon take care of shutting off your TV for you and we might also gain control over the volume of voice responses.

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Netflix For Android TV Update Adds Smart Lock Capability - No More Slow Password Typing

Android's Smart Lock is a great way to save a little hassle when users are around familiar locations or connected devices. The default system version of the feature skips the lockscreen when the phone or tablet detects that it's in a safe location, and last year Google did much the same thing for apps, essentially turning Smart Lock into a password manager for supported applications. While Netflix has supported this feature for months on its standard Android app, the latest update to the Android TV version brings it in line.

To see Smart Lock in action, make sure that you already have your Netflix username and password saved in Smart Lock on a phone or tablet - if it's been a while, you may need to log out on your phone, then log back in and enable the Smart Lock feature when it appears.

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