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Android 8.1 feature spotlight: Android System notifications have a new Oreo icon

Android 8.1 has quite a few minor changes, ranging from a new easter egg to the new dimming navigation bar. Another small tweak is the icon for Android System notifications, which are used to display messages about updates, debugging, and other similar functions.

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Android N Preview 3 Finally, Finally, Finally Introduces A Modern Android System Icon

After Lollipop 5.1's groundbreaking introduction of a new Android Beam icon and default Android Bugdroid icon, and Marshmallow's unforgettable contribution of a new Bluetooth icon, N is ready to carry the torch forward by making a significant change of its own to our favorite operating system: in the latest Developer Preview 3, the Android System icon is brand spanking new.

As a refresher, here is what that icon has looked like since the Gingerbread (and maybe earlier) days in the battery usage screen: a metallic knob with a smaller knob below it, and some green border for it all. You're not alone, I don't get it either.

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