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Android Studio 3.3 includes official Navigation Editor support and more than 200 bug fixes

If you're a developer of Android apps, there's a good chance you use Google's purpose-built Android Studio environment. The last update to version 3.2 came with one headline feature — App Bundles — plus a few incremental improvements, and now 3.3 has arrived.

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Android Studio will soon be officially supported on Chrome OS

For years, it was rumored that Android Studio would eventually be supported on Chrome OS. It's now possible to run the IDE on Chromebooks through Linux app support, which was announced at I/O earlier this year and began to roll out in the stable Chrome OS channel in September. Android Studio mostly works on Chrome OS already, but Google is making it official.

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[Update: Stable version now available] Android Studio 3.2 Beta is out with App Bundle support, Emulator Snapshots, and more

Android Studio is Google's recommended environment for developing Android applications, and plenty of new features were announced at Google I/O. Some of those improvements have now landed in the beta branch, with the release of Android Studio 3.2 Beta.

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Android Studio device emulator now works with AMD processors and Hyper-V

Android Studio's device emulator used to be incredibly slow, even on capable hardware. Google has drastically improved the performance over the past two years, but a few issues remain. The Windows version of the Android Emulator uses HAXM, which only works on Intel processors. That means AMD-powered computers can only use non-accelerated ARM images.

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Android Studio now has a Chrome OS emulator

In October of last year, the first evidence appeared that Google was working on a Chrome OS emulator for Android Studio. It would allow developers to test their Android apps on a Chromebook, without going out and buying one. At long last, Google has finally added Chrome OS emulator images to Android Studio.

The images are marked as experimental, with the help page listing a few known bugs. Once you set it up and log into a valid Google account, you'll be able to sideload Android apps and test them. In other words, the apps will run inside a container, in Chrome OS, in an emulator, on your PC.

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Google announces Android Jetpack: a set of tools to make app development even easier

We often forget it, but I/O is first and foremost a developer conference. So while most of us might be waiting with bated breath for new consumer products and services, the bulk of I/O's benefit is directed at the developer community. And that includes announcements like the new Android Jetpack, which promises to make app development even easier for the platform.

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Google officially announces Linux app support on Chrome OS

The first evidence of Linux application support on Chrome OS appeared in February, with a Terminal app showing up on Chrome OS Dev soon after. Google has also been working on its own GTK theme, and just a few days ago, Linux app support began rolling out on the Dev channel.

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Android Studio 3.1 stable announced, with enhanced Kotlin lint checks, new default dex compiler, and more

Google has introduced the latest update to Android Studio, taking the stable channel up to version 3.1. According to a post on the Android Developers Blog, this release focuses on product quality and development productivity. The last major update included a whole new programming language, and 3.1 continues to support the introduction of Kotlin with new lint checks among other improvements.

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Android P SDK and emulator images appear in Android SDK Manager

If you've been curious about the next version of Android, there's a hint that something special may be coming soon. Check the Android SDK Manager on this morning and you'll spot packages for a new API level: Android P. There are packages for the SDK itself, plus Android TV, Google APIs, and Google Play variants of emulator images for x86.

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Android Studio's Emulator reaches stable channel with Quick Boot for 6-second startup times, Play Store support, and an assortment of other improvements

Back in October, Android Studio 3.0 was set loose to the stable channel with improved support for the Kotlin language, platform technologies like Android Things, and many other new and improved features. At the same time, a major upgrade to the Android Emulator also went out to developers on Android Studio's canary channel. It came with quite a few enhancements, but the the headliner was Quick Boot, which can reportedly achieve startup times of less than 6 seconds. Today, this version of the emulator reaches the stable channel and the Android Tools team posted about many of the other valuable improvements this update brings.

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