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Gboard automatically adjusts its looks based on your Android Q color accents and dark mode settings

We recently reported Android Q lets you customize the interface's accent color, which lets you pick a shade that matches your taste to replace the system's default one. In addition, Google officially confirmed its newest mobile operating system will ship with a dark mode, which further improves customization options. While these settings are specific to Android, it seems Gboard will automatically recognize them and adapt its looks based on them.

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[Update: Should be fixed] Google Pay is broken for many in Android Q Beta 3

Beta releases tend to have bugs, and this latest one from Android Q Beta 3 might be a bit unfortunate for those of you who use contactless payments. Many on Beta 3 are reporting that Google Pay is broken, presumably because of a SafetyNet issue similar to the one from Android P DP4 last year.

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[Update: OEM placeholder] Adaptive Sleep on Android Q Beta 3 aims to keep your phone awake while you're looking at it, but it's incomplete

When I set up a new device, I always increase the screen timeout to a minute or two — otherwise my screen frequently turns off when I'm reading articles. Android Q Beta 3 might have the solution to this, in the form of 'Adaptive Sleep.'

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Google I/O 2019 roundup: All the announcements, news, and devices

Google I/O is nearly at an end, and Google made a ton of announcements regarding Android, search, the Assistant, and - this year - even new hardware. Our coverage has been fast and furious, so this post is meant to help you wrap your head around everything we've dug into here at the show. From Pixel 3a to Android Q Beta 3 and beyond, it's all here. Day three of the show sees things wind down, but we've still got new items in the list here, and more will be added as our coverage concludes on Friday.

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Huawei announces first 8 phones to get Android Q

At I/O, Google announced that Android Q Beta 3 would not only be available on its recent Pixel phones, but also 15 phones from other OEMs. Included among those 15 phones is the Mate 20 Pro, indicating that Huawei isn't slacking when it comes to the 10th version of Android. The company has just announced which of its phones will be updated to Q first.

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Android Q will bring mandatory disk encryption to even low-end devices with Adiantum's help

Google's tug of war with hackers is never ending and we're stuck right in the middle of it. Given that Android is such a big target with billions of active devices out in the world, the company has to keep on the offensive. And with the latest security improvements in Android Q, more people than ever before will be able to stay safe.

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Full gesture nav in Android Q beta 3 can leave you stranded in screen pinning mode

Google added screen pinning several years back, but the feature never got much attention. Screen pinning locks your phone to a single app, which is handy when you need to hand your phone to someone else and would prefer they didn't go snooping. There's a frustrating bug in Android Q beta 3 that completely breaks this feature when the new gesture navigation is enabled.

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[Update: Gone in Beta 3] Android Q's new feature flags modify the power menu, make audio output switching easier, and allow for other tweaks

We've already taken a look at one of the new feature flags in the Android Q Beta 1 — a buggy but potentially very useful native screen recording function — but there are several others worth mentioning too. Some of them bring about barely noticeable changes, but a few are actually pretty interesting.

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Dynamic System Updates will bring temporary bootable images to Android

The Android Playground exhibit at Google I/O 2019 had plenty to show off: Android TV boxes playing games, improvements to Android Studio, all the latest Wear OS watches, and more. In one corner of the area, Google was showing off an experimental feature that doesn't even have a final name — and it might make developer's lives (and my life) much easier.

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It's easier to swap between browsers on Android Q Beta 3

Android Q is changing how default applications work. The new 'Roles' function allows apps to automatically gain certain relevant permissions when they become the default for a certain function. In a similar vein, the menu for selecting which browser to use has been slightly improved.

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