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Every new Android 10 feature: The in-depth changelog for Google's latest OS

Google has released the latest version of its mobile OS, Android 10, but what's new? Your eagle-eyed Android Police editors (with your help) have been combing through the latest version for months since the earliest Android Q betas looking for new features, changes, improvements, and even setbacks. We've enumerated everything we've found here, together with a brief description of what it is or does. So, let's take a look at Android 10.

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[Update: One step further] You can revoke permissions for older apps in Android Q before installing them

Android used to be the Wild West when it came to permissions: Apps would tell you what parts of your phone they needed access to before you installed them, and you could either accept that or not use the app at all — it was an all-or-nothing deal. Over the years, Google got its act together and realized that wasn't the best approach (overshooting the mark at times). Android Q steps up that game for apps that still rely on this old API, asking users to choose which permissions to grant before starting these apps for the first time.

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