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Samsung is working on a wireless DeX connection for upcoming devices

It may not be perfect quite yet, but Samsung's DeX implementation for using your phone as a desktop computer actually works better than expected. In response to user requests, it seems the development team behind DeX is now working towards making DeX connections even more accessible by removing the need for a cable.

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HP Announces The Slate 21 AIO, A 21.5-Inch Android Tablet That Wants To Be Your Next Desktop

Few people probably saw this one coming. Microsoft Windows has long faced off with Mac OS X on the desktop, and while only a distinct minority adopted Apple's platform, the conflict has captured the interest of the tech industry for years. Open source advocates have even entertained the idea that Linux desktops would one day topple Microsoft's empire. Far fewer people speculated that it would be a mobile operating system that would start to replace Windows on desktop machines. Yet we've already seen Acer move in this direction, and now HP is doing the same. Today HP announced the Slate 21 AIO, a 21.5-inch tablet that wants to sit not on your lap, but on your desk.

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Acer To Announce An Intel Haswell-Based PC That Runs Android, Should Cost Around $400

Have you ever considered using Android as your desktop OS? According to CNET, Acer wants you to, as it plans to announce a new all-in-one PC that forgoes Microsoft's OS for Google's free offering. The Acer AIO is said to pack a fourth generation Intel Core i5 chip – which is based on the Haswell architecture – so the unit should be pretty powerful and snappy.


The real allure to this new offering, however, isn't what's under the hood – it's the price. Acer is shooting for a $400-ish price range, making this one affordable PC. Unfortunately, a price that low also leads to tradeoffs in the hardware department – the AIO is expected to ship with a meager 1GB of RAM and as little as 8GB of internal storage, which simply isn't enough for the majority of users.

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How-To: Run Android On Your PC

Chalk this one up as a novelty, because the usefulness is pretty low. HowToGeek (and by extension, an XDA forum member) have posted instructions for how to boot your PC into Android. The process isn’t too excruciatingly tricky if you’re willing to just burn the ISO to a CD, although if you opt to run Android from a USB key, you’re in for a slightly more involved process.


Once installed, things seem to work pretty normally – according to HTG, this includes cameras and Wi-Fi, depending on what you’re using. Also (and rather surprisingly), they had some minor issues with some effects (opening menus, etc) stuttering.

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