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Weekend poll: Do you use Android Pay?

Android Pay is adding new banks all the time, and it's even expanding its global presence slowly but surely. This week, I'm asking how many of you actually use it.

Android Pay is something that I was very skeptical on initially, going back to the days of the Google Wallet branding. Why on earth would I use my phone to pay for something when swiping my card was so easy? Well, chip readers started showing up en masse here in the US after the big Target credit card breach, and with them came two things: a more time-consuming payment process and, often, support for contactless payments.

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Android Pay adds 24 new banks and credit unions in the US

Android Pay continues its expansion into small banks and credit unions across the United States and today brings us 24 additions. At this point, given the long list of banks supported, I'm starting to doubt that there's a bank for every 10 persons in the US. But then again, The World Bank says there are a little over 32 bank branches per 100K adults in the US. That's branches, so banks should be a lower figure. (Oh the things we search for when writing dull articles here...)

So if you were still waiting on your local bank or union to get Pay support, I wish you luck in finding it when browsing the list of additions below:

  1. Bank of Idaho
  2. Beehive Federal Credit Union
  3. Citizens Bank (WI)
  4. Community National Bank & Trust of Texas
  5. Duke University FCU
  6. First Community Bank (TX)
  7. Great Plains Bank
  8. Guaranty Bank & Trust Company of Delhi
  9. Gulf Winds FCU
  10. Mascoma Savings Bank
  11. Meadows Bank
  12. Meriwest Credit Union
  13. Nascoga Federal Credit Union
  14. One Bank & Trust, N.A.
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[Update: Official downloads] The September Oreo update broke SafetyNet and Android Pay for some Nexus 6Ps, but there's a fix

Update-woes continue. A recent OTA (OPR6.170623.017) for the Nexus 6P appears to have broken SafetyNet and, subsequently, things like Android Pay. Thankfully, there's a fix. All you need to do is update to a slightly newer build (OPR6.170623.019), and we've even got a link if you'd rather not wait. 

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Google is readying a new payment service for India called Tez

Android Pay has become a popular method of digital payment since its launch in the US and Europe. It hasn't been launched in India, however, where the mobile payments landscape is a bit different. A government-endorsed platform called UPI (Universal Payments Interface) is widely used in India, with banks, e-commerce sites, and even tech companies like WhatsApp and Truecaller launching payment services based on it, hoping to grab a slice of the lucrative pie. Google is almost ready to enter this crowded space, with the launch rumored to be happening on Monday September 18th.

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[Update: Maestro cards and more banks] Belgium is the tenth country to get the Android Pay treatment

Belgium is next up in Google's ongoing, slow-moving initiative to bring Android Pay to more countries. Starting today, Belgians can use the contactless payments service at over 85,000 locations including places like McDonald's, H&M, and Carrefour.

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17 new banks were just added to Android Pay

Android Pay launched with just a handful of financial institutions, but the list has since grown to cover all the big banks and a substantial number of smaller ones. It's not over yet, though. Google just added 17 new banks and credit unions to the list, most of which will probably be unfamiliar to you.

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Android Pay support added to 40 new US banks and credit unions

Google is constantly adding new banks to its Android Pay portfolio. But ever since Chase and Simple, the two major holdouts, added support, our comment sections have been relatively quiet. If you do have one of those smaller regional banks or credit unions, feel free to scour the list for your particular institution.

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Samsung Pay could soon be available on non-Samsung phones

It's been a busy year for Samsung's mobile payments system. While the Korean company has continued to add new regions, it has also introduced PayPal integration and Visa Checkout compatibility in the US. Samsung has also made the service available for more of its budget handsets in the form of a stripped down version called Samsung Pay Mini, where before it could only be used on high-end Galaxy phones. Apparently, Samsung doesn't want to stop there and now wants to bring its payments app to other non-Samsung Android phones.

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¡Genial! Android Pay launches en España with BBVA bank and many partner stores

We've known Android Pay was coming to Spain for a couple of months now, and the app started showing up for some users on Android a few days ago, but now the news is official. Android Pay has launched in Spain with BBVA being the first and only supported bank.

Spain is the 6th European country to get Android Pay and although just one bank is on board so far, the service will work in over one million stores across the country including El Corte Inglés, VIPS, Zara, Starbucks, Media Markt, Uterqüe, (Sfera), and more. It is also compatible with several online and app services like Deliveroo, Vueling, Hotel Tonight, and a few more.

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[Update: Valid for another week with new code] Deal Alert: Get $5 off all your Fandango purchases this month with Android Pay

Last month, Fandango added Android Pay support when checking out inside its app and provided a promo code for $3 off all purchases. That offer was said to last until July 5, but it looks like there's a new one and it's even better.

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