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Barclaycard US, 58 other banks add support for Android Pay

Google's Android Pay team is keeping the momentum going, with support for 59 more banks added. While most of the banks in question are regional banks hailing from Texas and other southwestern states, the most nationally known is likely Barclayscard US. This update brings the total number of participating banks to 1,131.

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Android Pay is coming to Slovakia

Google has been extending Android Pay into several new countries lately. The payment system arrived in Ukraine last month, along with the Czech Republic and Brazil this month. Earlier today, Google announced that yet another country is getting Android Pay - Slovakia.

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Android Pay joins up with Justice League to offer collectible bugdroid doodles

If you use Android Pay regularly, you'll probably be aware of the little bugdroid characters that will sometimes appear when you pay for stuff. The cute little animations have previously included the Android mascot in space, as well as specially themed bugdroids for things like Halloween and the Wimbledon tennis championship.

Android Pay has now joined forces with the new Justice League movie to show superhero bugdroids. Between now and December 31st, you'll be able to collect five different characters from the film: Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman.

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Android Pay is now available in Czech Republic and Brazil

Following rumors that Google's digital wallet service Android Pay would be launching this month in Brazil and the Czech Republic, Google has made the news official today. With the Brazilian launch, this is Android Pay's first foray into South America.

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Android Pay v1.36 adds an adaptive icon and switches to a navigation drawer [APK Teardown]

Android Pay is getting a small makeover with its latest update, rolling out to users now. The new version switches to the always-familiar navigation drawer found in most other Google apps. If you're running Android 8.0 Oreo, you'll also see a change on your launcher as Android Pay also makes the upgrade to an adaptive icon.

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Android Pay set to launch in the Czech Republic on November 14

Android Pay seems set to launch in Brazil next week, and it looks like that may not be the only country where the payment service will be rolling out to on November 14. According to press invites, Google will also be hosting an event in Prague on that same day where it will likely be revealing details on the expansion of Android Pay into the Czech Republic.

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Android Pay might officially launch in Brazil on November 14

Android Pay's arrival in Brazil has been rumored for a long time, but back in May, Google confirmed that it would be live by the end of the year in a few countries amongst which was Brazil. Most of those already have Pay, so Brazilian users have been waiting, but they won't be put off for a lot longer apparently.

It seems that Google has started issuing invites to the press in Brazil for the launch event, which will take place on November 14. The first partners are rumored to be Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Itaú e Caixa, Mastercard, Visa, Elo, and Porto Seguro.

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Android Pay starts showing full purchase history for supported cards

Many months ago, Cody predicted through his all-seeing eye (and some strings in the app teardown, but I prefer to think of Cody's powers as absolute magic - is there a thing the guy doesn't know beforehand?) that the Android Pay app would start showing full transaction histories on your supported cards, even for those transactions where Pay wasn't used.

Now it looks like the option has started showing up through a server-side switch as reported by u/shiruken. There's a toggle to enable or disable the option for supported cards in the Android Pay app, and when enabled, it will display all your transactions on that card, regardless of how the transaction was performed: Pay, the card itself, or some other medium.

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Android Pay launches in Ukraine, its 15th market, with support for PrivatBank

Android Pay has been around for a few years now, but it's still not available in very many countries. Case in point: it's just made its way to Ukraine, which has become only the 15th country that it's usable in. It's only available at one bank, at least for now: PrivatBank.

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Android Pay adds 11 new banks, offers more detail on support for Synchrony

Android Pay has grown substantially since the original launch to cover all the major banks in the US. However, there are a lot of small banks and credit unions. It's hard to even believe there are so many, but here we are with yet another list of new financial institutions. There's a twist this time, though. Google has also provided additional details on which Synchrony private label cards are supported by Android Pay.

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