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Google Pay v2.78 prepares group pay and nicknames for payment methods [APK Teardown]

As we get ready to wear out our credit cards buying gifts for family, friends, coworkers, and probably ourselves, it's a good time to talk about Google Pay and what's in store for it in the future. Unfortunately, we won't be building on the holiday shopping theme with any of the teardown topics, but at least there are a couple of cool features that might get us feeling a little more festive about spending our hard-earned cash with our phones.

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Google Pay on Wear OS works in Germany

As we've learned over the past few years, having a Google service available in your country isn't enough to use it on all your devices. Google Pay, for example, is supported for in-store payments in twenty countries, but only if you're using your phone to make the transaction. If you have a Wear OS smartwatch, however, the Google Pay app won't show up on the watch unless you're in a few countries. At first, the feature came to the US and UK, then it spread to Spain, Canada, and Australia, followed by Poland and Russia. The latest country to join the ranks is Germany.

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Boarding passes on Google Pay are now live, at least for Southwest Airlines

Since Google rebranded Android Pay as Google Pay, the app has seen a number of useful changes to bring it in line with competing services and make it more useful. The addition of transit passes will be great for users who have season tickets and don't want to use a separate payment card when they travel, for example. Passbook on iOS is always something I've been envious of, but we recently learned that boarding passes and event tickets would be coming to Google Pay in much the same vein. This integration is now live for at least one airline.

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Google Pay v1.57 prepares support for airline boarding passes and event tickets, Suica and WAON payment cards, and more [APK Teardown]

It wasn't that long ago that Google Pay (and its previous names) was solely focused on making purchases in a store or paying on the spot to get onto subways...and sometimes sending money to friends. Google recently added support for one-time transit tickets on the Las Vegas Monorail and prepaid commuter cards with the TriMet in Portland, Oregon, but things are about to get a lot more interesting thanks to the latest update. We can expect to see support added for airport boarding passes and event tickets. There are several other big additions coming, too, so let's get straight into it.

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Google Pay offering $10 Play credit to you and a friend per referral, capped at $100 in credit

It's been almost three months since Android Pay was replaced by Google Pay, but the new name still sounds so foreign. In an attempt to alleviate that and introduce more users, Google is running a promotion in which you and someone you refer both get $10 in Play credit once the referred party makes a purchase. Bear in mind that this promo is still running (and ends at the same time).

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Google Pay adds support for five new banks and credit unions in Taiwan and Australia


[Update: Google confirms new international support] Google Pay on the Huawei Watch 2 works again for some outside the US and UK

When the Oreo update landed for Huawei's Watch 2 back in February, many reported that it was disabling Google Pay (then called Android Pay). One month and one rebranding later, this issue seems to have been fixed. There are reports that something in the last few days has re-enabled Google's rebranded NFC payments for the Watch 2. 

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Google Pay adds 61 new US banks and credit unions, plus 3 further card types

It's been a busy year so far for Google's payment platforms, especially since Android Pay, Google Wallet, and Chrome's payment autofill feature were unified under new Google Pay branding. Previous Android Pay functionality is unchanged in the app, which allows you to add payment options from a wide range of banks and credit unions.

Google works on adding support for more institutions all the time, and its latest batch has now been confirmed by the Google Pay Help page for the US. Three new card types for banks already participating are now available for pairing with Google Pay: Synchrony PayPal Mastercards, American Express general purpose prepaid cards, and US Bank corporate cards.

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Google Pay v1.54 continues ride toward transit tickets, merging P2P money transfers [APK Teardown]

The first update to the Google Pay app since the rebranding has been making its way out into the world. The new version doesn't appear to bring any visible changes beyond a few pixel-level adjustments, but it includes a couple of neat topics for a teardown. We'll briefly discuss the imminent merger of Google Pay Send, then dive into the subject of supporting transit tickets, where they might be supported first, and some of the other quirky details to look forward to.

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HSBC Australia adds Google Pay support for our friends down under

HSBC is one of the largest banks in the world, sitting ahead of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Citigroup, and right behind JPMorgan Chase. It's one of the few names we know here that also has a presence in Australia. HSBC's Australian branch has just begun to support Andr- I mean, Google Pay.

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