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[Update: New, better photo] Pixel 2's color profile picker adds reference photo on Android P DP2

The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have a "Colors" setting in their display options that lets you tune your screen's color saturation and temperature to your liking by choosing between "Natural," "Boosted," and "Saturated" options. In Android P's Developer Preview 2, the menu now shows a photo—a cloudy sunset behind a couple of palm trees—so you can more immediately see the effects of your choice.

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Android P DP2 Battery Saver remains active even after charging

New Android versions always add little quality of life tweaks, and Android P is no exception. We've had Developer Preview 2 for a couple of weeks, and we're still discovering things to like about it. Case in point: some of our intrepid readers have noted that the Battery Saver toggle stays on after charging.

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Android P lets you disable some of System UI and Android System's notifications, like battery, screenshot, car mode, and more

For the longest time, you couldn't control any of the notifications coming on your phone from Android itself. Things like apps running in the background or using battery, networks alerts or your VPN status had to stay there front and center in your notifications until you dismissed them. Then with Oreo's notification channels, you could at least lower the importance of a notification so it didn't take precious space in your drop-down. Oreo 8.1 also introduced one neat change: you could disable notifications for apps running in the background, but that was the only one to be turned off completely.

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Android P DP2 completely hides most notifications in Do Not Disturb mode

Google has cycled through various versions of Do Not Disturb functionality going all the way back to Lollipop. It was pretty complicated back then, but DND in Oreo is straightforward—DND keeps your phone from making noise. DND in the second Android P developer preview changes Do Not Disturb mode substantially. It blocks both audio and visual distractions by hiding most notifications on your device.

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Heads-up notification animations in Android P DP2 are pretty snazzy

Android P is packed with visual changes. Some of them are more popular than others, but Google has certainly been pushing out a ton of tweaks to the platform's design, especially when it comes to Android's animations. And the latest DP2 builds released just yesterday during I/O pack in a pretty slick new heads-up notification animation.

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Confirmed: Google Pay works on Android P DP2, but only if you don't unlock the bootloader

NFC payments on Android used to be very much free for all, but the company increasingly clamped down as Android Pay (and now Google Pay) rolled out. When a device doesn't pass SafetyNet because of modifications or even an unlocked bootloader, you can't make NFC payments. That was a problem with the first Android P developer preview, but the newly released DP2 does allow you to use Google Pay. Well, in some instances.

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Android P DP2 adds new API with support for fingerprint, face, and iris authentication

In the new Android P Developer Preview, Google added a new API for biometric authentication. Dubbed BiometricPrompt, uninspiring as that may seem, this new API replaces the FingerprintDialog that we got in the last DP. Instead of being limited to one method of confirming a user, BiometricPrompt has support for face, iris, and even in-display fingerprint sensors.

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Tip: Swiping high up on Android P's home button opens the app drawer (on the homescreen), quickly swiping to the side switches to the previous app

I think it's safe to say that gesture navigation in Android P's DP2 is quite divisive. Ever since it was leaked yesterday then officially announced, we've seen a variety of reactions going from complete disdain to an all-out welcoming embrace. Gestures are still an option, so if you don't like them, you can disable them. But if you do enjoy them and are just a little bit annoyed by a couple of their shortcomings, we have discovered two solutions to their most glaring problems.

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In Android P, notifications for apps running in the background show if they're using the camera or microphone

Android has been combating mischievous apps that run in the background for several years. It started with showing you a notification each time an app did something in the background, and with the first P developer preview, a tighter control was put in place for idle apps (different from background apps) to stop them from using the microphone or camera. But there's one more change coming with Android P, as seen in the screenshot above.

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Android P DP2 restores 'Force stop' button on app info settings page

When Android P's first developer preview dropped in March, we noticed a number of changes to the app info settings page. Among the more bizarre was that the option to force stop an app had been relegated to the three-dot overflow menu in the top-right corner. Developer Preview 2 is out today, though, and good news, everyone: it's back to where it makes sense.

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