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AgileBits shows us how Android O's autofill API works with a 1Password demo

One of the most exciting changes in Android O is the new Autofill API that would allow password manager apps to register as system-wide providers of autofill services. In layman terms, this means that apps like LastPass, 1Password, Enpass, Dashlane, and others, won't have to use accessibility services or screen overlays anymore as a workaround to fill up your usernames and passwords. Instead, they will have one API that grants them native access to enter your information without too much hassle.

AgileBits has put up a demo of a test version of 1Password, its password manager, which has been updated to benefit from O's Autofill API.

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Android O feature spotlight: Multi-window apps now stay on the screen when you go to your homescreen, can be peeked into or maximized

Multi-window was one of the biggest and most useful additions to Android 7.0 Nougat. It made its debut on Android with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 all the way back in 2012, but it took a full four years to make its way into stock Android. It's since become a staple for many people; the convenience of watching a YouTube video while simultaneously scrolling through a Twitter or Facebook feed just can't be beat. With the O Developer Preview, Google has improved multi-window by enabling users to maintain a view of the app they've minimized when they head into the launcher, as well as expand or maximize it.

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Android O feature spotlight: Easily add custom ringtones, alarm sounds, and notification sounds

Oh Android... you have the most modern and complicated of features, yet every once in a while we're reminded of one basic, really really really really basic, feature that you're still missing. Did you know that you can't easily choose a custom ringtone in Android AOSP? I didn't. I have used LG and Samsung phones for years and it's been ages since I tried to change the default ringtone (my phone is always silent anyway), so all I knew was that I could choose a file manually on these phones. AOSP? Not so. Wh---at?!

See, on Android Nougat in AOSP, if you go to change the ringtone, alarm sound, or notification sound, you can pick one of the default options.

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Android O feature spotlight: The time picker now has a manual text entry mode

One small change you will notice in Android O is the ability to manually type the date and time when selecting a time. When, several versions of Android ago, Google changed the date and time picker from text-based to a monthly calendar and rolling clock, things did indeed look better and more interactive. However, that made precise minute selection more tedious and annoyed people who prefer text entry to fancy graphics and animations.

In Android O, the time picker (in Calendar, Clock, etc) gets one small added icon at the bottom left: a keyboard. Tapping it switches to text-based entry where you can manually type in the exact time.

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Android O feature spotlight: The Files app now shows up in the app drawer, has a few new features

Android has included a built-in file manager since 6.0 Marshmallow called Files, but it hasn't had an app drawer icon. Instead, Android shows a 'Downloads' app, which is technically just a shortcut to the Downloads folder in Files with some functionality removed. Starting with Android O, the Downloads shortcut has been replaced by the full Files application.

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How to add permanent left/right cursor buttons and other neat keys to nav bar in Android O

One of the many new features in Android O is a revamped UI tuner with control over the navigation bar. If the layout of the buttons isn't right, you can change it. Want more buttons? Oh, it's got that too. In fact, you can add some useful things there, like left and right cursor buttons. Here's how.

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Android O feature spotlight: Granular battery usage for system-level items and services is gone

What's the opposite of a feature spotlight? I think we should call this an "Android O feature regression" post, because that's what we're looking at here. If you've installed the first Android O dev preview and you've been monitoring battery usage to see if all that fuss about the improved battery management and new background limits is true, then you may have noticed one thing missing: you can't see granular usage anymore for system-level items.

Previously, on Nougat, when you went to Settings>Battery, you could tap on any item in the list below the graph to see its usage details since the last full charge.

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Android O feature spotlight: The navigation keys go dark when pulling up the Pixel launcher's app drawer

As far as features go, this one is a pretty teeny tiny change, but we know you, dear Android Police reader, like to check out the nitty gritty of every Android release, and that's what we're here for.

On Android O, when you pull up the app drawer in the Pixel Launcher, you may notice one change: the navigation buttons no longer float still float on top of the drawer in a translucent overlay, but they switch to dark icons and ditch the translucent bar beneath them when scrolled to the very bottom.

Left: Android O on a Pixel. Right: Android N 7.1.2 on a Nexus 5X.

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Android O feature spotlight: Expandable quick settings only work when tapping the text, not the icon

In Android 7.0, there are a number of expandable quick settings for things like WiFi and Bluetooth. Those toggles still exist in Android O, but the way you interact with them is quite different. Expanding requires you to tap the text instead of the icon.

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Here's the default wallpaper from today's Android O Dev Preview

With a new release of Android come new included wallpapers, but since today's Android O release is just a Developer Preview, there's only one for now. If you want to download it in the full 2880x2560 resolution, just click the image embedded below, then save it.

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