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Android O feature spotlight: Gboard gets an incognito mode for Chrome

Google Chrome's incognito mode is meant to make more suspicious (insert Lenny face here) browsing history invisible at your beck and call. However, Google hadn't previously made incognito mode on Android disable keyboard suggestions. To alleviate this, browsing in incognito on Chrome Dev with a device running Android 8.0 will now make the incognito fedora and glasses appear on your keyboard, and Gboard won't remember unique words that you type.

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Android O feature spotlight: Ongoing media notifications are now colored based on album art / thumbnails

Android O's third developer preview has just landed, and we're already spotting some pretty cool changes. Among the first we spotted is color-coding for rich media notifications, meaning that these notifications will be themed based on album art / video thumbnails.

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Android O is confirmed to be 8.0 in the latest developer preview

We've all been debating about what the official name of Android O will be (it's going to be Oreo, guys, trust me), but there hasn't been much talk about the official version number. There were only ever two real options - 7.2 or 8.0. With the release of Android O's third developer preview, Google has revealed that it will be Android 8.0.

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Android O Dev Preview 3 is rolling out with final APIs [Update]

Google dropped the second Android O developer preview on the first day of I/O last month, but here we are just a few weeks later and Dev Preview 3 is available. The full system images are available for immediate flashing on supported devices, and beta program devices will probably be updated soon. Importantly, this update should include the final APIs for Android O.

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