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Twitter Direct Messages now support Android N's notification Direct Reply

Several apps have been fast to adopt Android N's new Direct Reply functionality for quickly sending out an answer to a message from the notification without having to open the app first. Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp have all done this in the past few months and now it's Twitter turn.

After updating its interface to Material Design, the app's developers seem eager to implement more native Android goodness, and have now added a button to quickly reply to Direct Messages from the notification. This doesn't work for normal Twitter replies, just DMs, so it still won't be too useful if you don't do a lot of one-on-one communication on the service, but it's a step in the right direction.

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Google Says Marshmallow Memory Leak Is Fixed In A 'Future Release'

You don't have to look far on the internet to find someone complaining about a memory leak in Android. There is, of course, the infamous Lollipop memory leak that was fixed in Android 5.1, but Google just crossed another big one off the list. According to the Android issue tracker, Marshmallow system memory leak issue 195104 has been closed with a status of "future release." That probably means Android N or a monthly patch.

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Google Will Announce Android N's Name In A Few Weeks

Did you get your Android N name suggestion in yet? If not, you missed your chance. Google has closed submissions and says the final name will be announced in the coming weeks. So, pay attention in late June or early July.

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These Are The Two Emoji That Weren't Approved For Unicode 9 But Which Google Added To Android Anyway

If you've ever come across the comments section of a YouTube video, you know that being first at something is usually a very coveted position. However, being first isn't also without its downsides, and Google's recent support of Unicode 9 emoji in Android N might be a good example of that.

On Monday, the Unicode Technical Committee officially approved 72 new emoji to be added to the Unicode Standard, thereby finalizing the process for Unicode 9. Some of our more observant readers will have noticed that this figure is slightly lower than the 74 emoji that were proposed as candidates for Unicode 9: two of the initial proposals were scrapped last month and won't be recommended for implementation by vendors.

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AOSP Changelog Posted For Android N Developer Preview 3 And June's Android 6.0.1 Security Updates

June's security updates are now available for all of the currently supported Nexus (and Pixel C) devices. As usual, the code changes to go along with this month's new firmware have been uploaded to AOSP and we've got some changelogs to look through. While it's a bit late, Google also uploaded the code changes for N Developer Preview 3. As usual, this isn't a complete release of N, but mostly just the code for projects licensed under the GPL.

Google has already posted the security bulletin, which describes the lion's share of changes. Most of the issues resolved in this version have to do with vulnerabilities in Qualcomm drivers.

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Facebook Messenger Adds Direct Reply On Android N And Will Soon Overhaul Over 1500 Emojis

Direct Reply, which was introduced in Android N, aims to help you act on some notifications right away, without having to head into the app first. Its benefit is easily felt in communication apps and we've seen it so far implemented in Hangouts and a couple of other messaging apps. It's now making its first appearance in Facebook's own Messenger, in version which is only available to beta testers of the app (or through APK Mirror).

If you're on this latest beta, you'll see a Reply button right beneath the notification, allowing you to type and send an answer to your contacts instantly without having to switch to the app.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Visual Changes To Battery Notification Dropdown Experience Make Battery Saver Quicker To Access

Checking remaining battery life is a task many of us have to do far more often than we like. In Android N, the experience is a tad different from what you may be accustomed to in Marshmallow.

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Android N Developer Preview 3 Includes A Tweaked Package Installer UI

The new Android N developer preview has some important new features, but also a lot of little changes. For example, a new package installer UI. It's not dramatically different, but you can see the new one above and the old one below for comparison.

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[Promising] Android N Preview 3 Adds An Automatic Level For Power Notification Controls (Previously Known As Full Importance)

The saga of "full importance" notification levels in Android N continues. The feature was introduced in the first developer preview as a more granular control method for notification settings, then it was further modified in the second developer preview with some shuffling and renaming of the different levels and the addition of a sixth one, and now in the third developer preview, we're seeing one more option: Automatic importance.

It's worth pointing out that the feature has also been renamed from Full importance settings to Power notification controls.

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Android N Preview 3 Changes The Screen Unpinning Shortcut, No Longer Throws You Back To Recents Overview

Android Lollipop introduced screen pinning: a way for you to lock your device into one app until a specific shortcut was tapped to take you out of it and let you switch to something else.

In Lollipop, a screen is pinned by going to Recents and tapping the green pin button at the bottom right of any app card, and it is unpinned in one of two ways: short tapping Recents and Back simultaneously if no Accessibility service is enabled in your Settings at all, or long tapping Recents if at least one Accessibility service is switched on. That created several problems:

  • the confusion over which shortcut to use depending on whether you have some Accessibility service enabled,
  • the automatic switch to Recents each time you unpinned (you were pressing Recents after all...), which meant that you had to tap the app again to go back to using it,
  • and more recently, the conflict with Multi-Window on N, which requires the same long-tap on Recents action to get triggered.
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