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[Gotta CATch 'em all] The Android 7.0 Easter Egg is a quick settings kitty collector

The fifth and final Android Nougat developer preview has arrived, and with it is the new Android Easter Egg. In Lollipop and Marshmallow we were treated to a version of Flappy Bird, and this time we get a built-in version of Neko Atsume—a kitty collector. Can you entice all the cats to visit your phone?

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[Update: Intel x86 processors too] Pokémon GO goes to Germany officially and now works with Android Nougat [APK Download]

I'll let you in on a secret. I haven't played Pokémon GO yet. There was a time when I liked watching Pokémon and laughed my ass off each time Meowth came on the screen, but I was a little too old then to play the game let alone get obsessed by it. I was... 17. So I don't get the craze behind GO all that much, but I'm not completely uninterested.

Actually, I decided yesterday to try the game to get a feeling for it, but I thought it better to install it on my secondary device: a Nexus 5X.

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Android Wear 2.0 Developer Preview 2 is out (NVD83H), makes some significant changes

The Android Wear 2.0 Preview milestone 2 build has been released today for the Huawei Watch and LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition. You can get the builds for your flashing pleasure here. What's new? I'll let the official Android Developers Blog take it away from here.

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Weekend poll: what do you think of the Android 'Nougat' codename?

The mystery and intrigue are over: after the usual post-I/O buildup, and even a first-ever user submission process, Google has made the name of Android N public. If you've been under a rock all week, the dessert of the year is "Nougat," which will be used to refer to Android 7.0 (and possibly one or two more iterative version bumps, a la Jelly Bean).

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Google confirms Nougat is Android 7.0 in video

Google's official Android YouTube channel just uploaded the video below. Above? A screen capture from it. Android 7.0 Nougat - there you have it. Google revealed the nickname of the latest Android OS earlier this morning along with the mascot you see above.

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HTC promises Android Nougat upgrades for the One M9, One A9, and HTC 10

After this morning's surprise announcement of Android Nougat (comment on the original post to express your displeasure at the name, por favor), HTC wasted no time in using it for a little social media marketing. About an hour later the company posted the tweet below on its official international account, promising an upgrade for the current HTC 10 flagship, last year's One M9, and the sleeker One A9.

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Android N is now officially Android Nougat

Google has officially N-ounced that Android N is no longer Android N: it's Android Nougat! Nougat was a medium-strength contender for the name of the upcoming OS, and while we still don't have a version number, everyone knows it's the dessert part that's more exciting anyway.

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Looks like Google will reveal Android N's name today

According to the official Android Twitter account, Google will reveal the name of Android N today. We are absolutely nutty with anticipation over here.

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Cerberus anti theft gets fingerprint sensor support, Android N features, and bug fixes in version 3.4


AOSP changelog posted for Android N Developer Preview 4

We've been keeping close tabs on the new features and adjustments made with each new developer preview of Android N, but there are obviously a boatload of other changes under the hood, many of them aren't obvious to the naked eye. That's where it can help to look deeper into the source code. It took a couple of weeks for the changes to be published to AOSP, but now that they are available, we've got a changelog ready for examination.

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