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Android N Feature Spotlight: Freeform Window Mode Offers True Windowed Multitasking, But It's Disabled By Default

Android N is finally making multi-window mode a reality on Android, but the included features are somewhat limited. There's support for split-screen apps, but what about true resizable windows a la Remix OS? That's possible too, but this feature seems much more rough around the edges. It also takes a little monkeying around to enable.

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[Update: Play Store Downloads Too] Android N Feature Spotlight: The Download Manager's Notification Gets A Quickly Accessible Cancel Button

If you often download files and apps on Android, you must have noticed that the Downloads app (or the Download Manager) doesn't really do much. Whether you're triggering a download from Gmail, Chrome, or any other app, you simply get a notification that shows you the progress and nothing else. That's slightly changing in Android N with the addition of a Cancel button that lets you quickly, well, cancel the download.

Here's what things look like on Marshmallow with the example of starting an APK download from APK Mirror.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Fast Scroll Through The Apps List In Settings

Android N's preview has been released for about 10 days and it even received its first update, yet here we are still uncovering little tidbits about this upcoming version of our favorite OS. This one change is far from being a major feature. It is, however, a nice improvement over M, especially if you were the kind to frequently dig into your Settings for the Apps section.

In Android Mashmallow, when you open Settings > Apps, you can scroll through the long list (if you're anything like us and you install dozens of apps) of applications on your device. You can't activate a fast scroll action like the one in the Contacts list for example.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Apps Can Now Include A Settings Link On The App Info Screen

The system UI in Android has, for the most part, been sacrosanct. Apps can't just add new elements to the OS, but Android N looks to be loosening up that restriction a bit. We already posted about the ability to add Quick Settings tiles natively, and now it looks like Google is allowing developers to insert an app settings link in app info.

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First Android N OTA Update Is Already Rolling Out To Beta-Enrolled Devices

We knew Google was going to be pushing out OTA updates to the Android N developer preview this year, but I don't think anyone was expecting it to happen quite so fast. The first update is rolling out to devices now, and factory images have been updated for those of you planning to do it the old fashioned way.

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RootJunky Discovers A Super-Convoluted Factory Reset Protection Workaround On Android N

Google introduced factory reset protection in Android 5.1 to prevent a stolen device from being used. When FRP is active, you're supposed to be required to log in with an account that was previously on the device, but RootJunky has made it his mission to find workarounds for FRP. In fact, he found a fantastically complicated one for the Android N developer preview.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Automatic System Updates Can Be Disabled In Developer Options

System updates are a good thing usually, but not for everyone all the time. Maybe you've got some mods that you don't want to break or you've heard about some nasty bugs in a new build that you want to avoid. The Android N developer preview lets you block updates in the event you don't want them.

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Android N Feature Spotlight: Full Importance Settings Offer Granular Control Of Notification Priority

Google made a few tweaks to the notification options in Android N, but you can use the system UI tuner to make these options much more powerful. A toggle called "Show full importance settings" changes the notification options from three simple toggles to a 5-point scale of increasing "importance."

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Google Is Calling Android N "New York Cheesecake" (NYC) Internally

Android N is all around us — seriously, have you seen the number of Android N Feature Spotlight stories we've published in less than a week? (Hint: there are 40 and more are pending), but there's a lot we don't know about the next version of Android yet. We know the preview will get more frequent updates than L or M prior to release, we know the final release will be available in the summer, and we know that it's the bestest, awesomest, and most feature-packed'est version of Android yet. We don't know the name though, nor the software version.

But just as it did with KitKat (Key Lime Pie), Lollipop (Lemon Meringue Pie), and Marshmallow (Macadamia Nut Cookie), Google has an internal name for N: New York Cheesecake.

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Google Opinion Rewards Is Asking Users About Possible Names For Android N

Every time there's a new version of Android on the horizon, there's also a rash of speculation as to what dessert Google will use for its next codename. For Android N, now in an early and promising developer preview, the situation is no different. Android fans seem stuck on "Nutella," which would mean another licensed deal like the one with the KitKat rollout, though it's at least faintly possible that Google will use the name of an Indian dessert, as CEO Sundar Pichai hinted in a question and answer session. He also said in that same session that Google might conduct an online poll for future Android codenames...

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